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Why Snap Interactive and Saber Interactive are supporting Evil Dead: The Game With an AR Magazine Cover

To promote the release of its film-inspired title, Evil Dead: The Game, game developer Saber Interactive partnered with Snap and Game Informer to create a grisly augmented-reality magazine cover featuring audio and video assets pulled directly from the game. Though the game comes out on Friday, the AR-powered Game Informer cover has been on newsstands…


To celebrate the film-inspired Evil Dead: The Game’s release, Saber Interactive, a game developer, teamed up with Snap and Game Informer for a grisly augmented reality magazine cover. It featured audio and video clips taken directly from the game.

The AR-powered Game Informer cover is out Friday. However, it has been available on newsstands for a while. Snap users can scan the Snapcode on the cover to trigger an immersive animation. Evil Dead’s protagonist Ash Williams cuts a hole in the magazine with his chainsaw. The voiceover is accompanied by scenes and character assets taken from the game. Snap did not immediately respond to a request regarding how many people had scanned the code.

The activation was created by Snap and Saber. Their creative teams met at the 2022 South by Southwest conference.

” I was having drinks with Jeremi Gorman who is the chief business officer of Snap. “So many great ideas are poured on cocktail napkins,” Steve Molitz, Saber Interactive’s music director, said. Molitz composed custom music and also worked on the sound design for activation. “The magazine cover was due out in a few weeks and we were just discussing how excited we were to have Ash on it and how awesome it would be if this could become .”


This was not Game Informer’s first time using augmented reality for a cover — the magazine has previously promoted games such as Cyberpunk 2077 using AR tech — but it is the magazine’s most in-depth AR promotion yet, featuring custom assets and elements of the game’s narrative, and its first augmented-reality partnership with Snap, which has been leading the charge in introducing AR tech to a wide audience. Jason Steinberg, cofounder of Pretty Big Monster, a agency that focuses on immersive technologies, said, “Snap is extremely widespread and accessible in the United States. I’m not surprised that they chose that platform.” It’s extremely streamlined and very good for viewing stuff .”

Game Informer has long featured Saber Interactive titles on its covers, an arrangement that Saber head of marketing Adam Tedman described as a “tradition.” As gamers become more comfortable with immersive technologies and the metaverse, it makes sense for Snap to partner with game developers to introduce their version of AR to the gaming audience. “We’re disrupting a category that’s normally very passive, and we’re trying something super extraordinary to do that,” Resh Sidhu (global director, Arcadia Studio), the AR creative studio that created the Snap experience. “Our target audience was the “Evil Dead” fanbase .”


“Gamers open — these people have the ability overcome obstacles when using their devices, regardless of whether they’re a phone or a computer,” Steinberg stated. “That’s a Snapcode. I believe you need Snapchat’ — they will do it right there .”

The AR magazine cover was an opportunity for Molitz and Saber Interactive to stretch their creative wings for a relatively new type of brand activation, but it also represented an opportunity for Snap to continue its push into gaming by reaching a different demographic than the usual gaming audience on Snapchat, which is currently strongest among the 13-to-24-year-old cohort. “Game Informer fans, they can be anything from 16-plus, 18-plus — I’m a 40-year-old, I’m still a gamer, I still read Game Informer,” Sidhu said. It was such a broad range that we were able speak to .”

As augmented and virtual reality technologies continue to become more widespread, game developers like Saber are l

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