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Twinings chooses Rise with SAP for its business brew

© Pascal Broze/Onoky/Corbis Tea company Twinings Ovaltine has chosen SAP’s Rise subscription service to simplify its relationship with the supplier and focus on future growth By Brian McKenna, Business Applications Editor Published: 14 Jan 2022 9:30 Tea company Twinings Ovaltine has chosen SAP’s Rise subscription service to underpin its customer engagement efforts and to make…

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Tea business Twinings Ovaltine chose SAP’s Rise subscription to simplify its relationship and focus on its future growth

Brian McKenna


Published: 14 Jan 2022 9: 30

Tea company Twinings Ovaltine has chosen SAP’s Rise subscription service to underpin its customer engagement efforts and to make its supply chain more efficient.

The Rise with SAP service packages managed cloud infrastructure and managed services into one contract, and is based on the supplier’s flagship S/4 Hana enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, based on its high-speed database Hana.

Microsoft Azure provides the cloud infrastructure component of the implementation. This also includes SAP Ariba procurement. The mix includes SAP’s Business Technology Platform.

According to an SAP statement Twinings Ovaltine wants to modernize its core capabilities, from finance to manufacturing and logistics. To speed up the deployment, it decided to use the Rise approach.

The company is part of a parade endorsing Rise. It joins, on the roster of public reference customers for SAP, Briggs of Burton, a process engineering company; Inchcape, a London-based automotive sector company; EG Group, a petrol station and food retailer; and Asda.

Twinings Ovaltine has a 300-year heritage in tea making. It has more than 330 varieties and its production facilities manufacture between 45 million and 75 million teabags per week.

The company wants to make automation more efficient and simplify its business processes using the cloud. It hopes to be able to access real-time data to enable it to see the leaves and gain real-time visibility into sales, inventory, and business processes to make customers more responsive.

” When we began our journey of transformation and started to reflect on what we wanted, it wasn’t a technology conversation. It was a conversation about getting closer to our customers, understanding what they want, and how we can deliver that,” Sandeep Seeripat (global CIO, Twinings Ovaltine) said.

“We need partners that are matching our business drive, and it’s clear SAP does that. SAP stands out because it understands our business objectives and can simultaneously deliver an exceptional experience to customers while setting the stage for our growth agenda.” he said.

Simon Carpenter, who oversees the go-to-market strategy for Rise with SAP in the supplier’s EMEA north region, described the service’s possible appeal to customers in an interview with Computer Weekly in 2021.

” Some of our customers are struggling to get access to the skills they need to not only run their systems but also to leverage data capabilities in their businesses. They can rely on us to help them in that we have the technical expertise and they can concentrate on the business solutions.

“Being able to move to the cloud requires a change of mindset. Accept that there is a best-practice in procurement. To integrate, extend, and create new .”

innovations, keep your core as lean and clean as possible.

Michiel verhoeven, UK & Ireland managing Director at SAP said: “The Rise with SAP is a simplification and engagement Twinings Ovaltine already have with us. It also establishes a service level that fulfills the needs of the organisation, while delivering an upgrade path which reduces the complexity across the business .”

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