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This weekend’s intense EMEA Valorant action – VCT Stage 2 Challengers

The excitement of VCT 2022 returns this week with the EMEA Stage 2 Challengers. Teams will appear on the server with their renewed rosters. Our highlight, Germany-based FOKUS will make their debut in the tournament. Let’s take a look at the matches to be played in the first week. Natus Vincere vs BBL Esports VCT…

The excitement of VCT 2022 returns this week with the EMEA Stage 2 Challengers. With their refreshed rosters, teams will be visible on the server. The tournament’s highlight is Germany-based FOKUS, who will make their debut .

Let us take a look at some of the matches that will be played during the first week.

Back in action - VCT 2022 EMEA Stage 2 Challengers Starts

Natus Vincere vs BBL Esports

VCT 2022 EMEA Stage 2 Challengers will kick off on May 13 with Na’Vi vs BBL Esports. The Turkish team did not make any changes to its roster unlike other teams. This team improved their performance at the end the previous Stage and aims to get a good start again this time to reach the playoffs.

The Stage 1 journey of

Natus Vincere was very similar to BBL. The team was eliminated from the playoffs after two wins and three losses. However, it managed to surprise its adversaries with its fast and explosive game every now and again. They needed to improve their performance. Zeddy joined the roster recently and will be playing his first match against BBL.

Acend vs OG LDN UTd

The biggest disappointment from the previous stage was Acend’s absence against OG LDN Utd and their new squad. The organization made some major changes after they missed Stage 1 Playoffs, Masters Reykjavik and the Stage 1 Playoffs. They parted ways first with BONECOLD, Kiles and others who had been part of the team for a while. The team was complete with the additions of vakk, and MONSTEERR.

LDN UTD will begin this season with a new partnership. The team has merged with OG, one the most prominent European organizations, and will compete in EMEA as OG LDN Utd. A roster change was also done as part of the merger. Dreamas was replaced by the Lithuanian player hype.

Fnatic vs FunPlus Phoenix

Two Stage 1’s top teams will be facing each other in Week 1. Fnatic are the most interesting team in this clash, having recently changed their roster. Fnatic announced it had ended its relationship with MAGNUM, BraveAF and VCT Masters Reykjavik shortly after the unwelcome VCT Masters Reykjavik race. Fnatc announced the transfer of Fearoth and Alfajer, who were on loan to the team, days before the tournament began.

FunPlus Phoenix won the EMEA Stage 1 competition with an impressive performance. However, they were unable to take part in the Masters Reykjavik tournament, which is the first international tournament of this year after Russia invaded Ukraine. The team also had to use a substitute player from time to time throughout the season. They also did not make any Stage 2 changes so they had plenty of time to prepare. FPX is the favourite of this match.

Team Liquid vs BIG

After an unsuccessful season, BIG secured their spot in EMEA at the VCT Promotion tournament. It was then announced that gob b, the most experienced player on the roster, had resigned. This move suggests that BIG are entering a new era. However, the identity of the fifth player at the time this article was written is not yet known.

Back in action - VCT 2022 EMEA Stage 2 Challengers Starts

Liquid took part in Masters Reykjavik, instead of FPX. However, they didn’t do well during the playoffs despite being out of the group stage. Since its inception, Liquid has had a problem with consistency and staff have not been able to solve it. The organization retained the squad for Stage 2. This match will be no surprise to Liquid.

Guild Esports Vs. M3 Champions

Guild Esports was one of the most popular teams in Stage 1. The team had a long streak of undefeated performances against strong teams, both in league qualifiers as well. The roster’s performance declined through the group stage, and the decline continued into the playoffs. They said their goodbyes early and missed the first 2022. global event.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine had a significant impact on the roster of M3 Champions. Former Gambit Esports pl

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