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This couple tracked what happened when they stopped drinking coffee for three months

Following on from their recent video where the experimented with giving up alcohol, YouTubers Craig and Chyna Benzine are now attempting to kick another, much more socially acceptable drug: coffee.While the medical consensus seems to be that coffee, like many things, is fine for you in moderation, Craig feels that he is reliant on it…

Following their recent YouTube video in which they tried to quit alcohol, YouTubers Craig & ChynaBenzine now want to quit another drug that is more socially acceptable: coffee.

While the medical consensus is that coffee is safe for moderate consumption, Craig feels that he has become dependent on it to the point that he can’t live without it. He says, “When I stop drinking coffee, my muscles become heavy and I don’t want to do any other thing, I’m basically Jabba The Hutt.” “I feel horrible when I don’t have it, that doesn’t seem good. And historically, my sleep has always been bad, and many people claim that quitting coffee helped with their insomnia.

The Benzines have tried to give up caffeine before but it only lasted a month. They didn’t notice any improvement in their sleep or overall well-being. Craig hopes that by committing for three months, they will see more tangible results. They aren’t reducing all caffeine this time, but they will cut out any caffeine with a large bulk, such as coffee, tea, or soda.

Decaf options remain available so that they can still enjoy the pleasure of a cup of hot coffee in the morning. Chyna says that it tastes like a cup coffee. “So much easier to sustain. “

Craig notices a change in his sleeping habits. He says that coffee has been “mapping the fact I’m tired a lot of times.” “I think I slept more when I did sleep. But I do feel better when I get up in the morning. I feel more awake. But, I do feel like I could quickly go back to bed. “

It isn’t until they’re nearly tw

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