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The ultimate microwave mod is the mechanical keyboard switches

WTF?! What’s the longest you’ve held onto an aging microwave? Have you ever wondered what it would be like if a microwave’s buttons were more satisfying to push, but can’t find any that don’t use cheap touch buttons? A Reddit user last week sought out to solve both. When Redditor gregschlom’s 9-year-old microwave started to…


WTF?! How long have you held on to an old microwave? Ever wonder what it would feel like to press a microwave’s buttons more smoothly, but you can’t find any that use cheaper touch buttons. Reddit user last Wednesday sought to find the solution.

When Redditor gregschlom’s 9-year-old microwave started to have problems with its buttons, he decided to replace them. He didn’t want to just buy microwave touchpad buttons off the shelves, so he bought Kalih box black mechanical keyboard switch.

Gregschlom hardwired the switches to replace the buttons for 30-second cook, one-minute cook, settings, and cancel. Kalih took notice when someone shared gregschlom’s photo on Twitter.

What…?? You can use a keyboard switch like this?
I didn’t know this
would happen.
You are so talented and creative, for sure.

— KAILH (@KailhSwitch) January 9, 2022

Despite the feeling of pressing the switches, gregschlom stated that his wife would like to replace their microwave, which has been repaired four times in the past. Plus,

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