The FDA has approved these panties to protect you against STDs

People have come to expect their clothing fabrics to be sweat-wicking, breathable, high stretch, or even anti-bacterial. Protective against STDs can now be added to that list, too.The FDA has cleared underwear made by the brand Lorals as protection against sexual diseases during oral sex, the first approval of its kind for underwear.The single-use stretchy…

People have come to expect that their clothing fabrics are sweat-wicking and breathable, high-strength, anti-bacterial, or even antibacterial. You can now add protection against STDs to this list.

The FDA approved underwear by Lorals for protection against sexual diseases during oral sex, marking the first such approval.

The single-use stretchy pants are made from latex and offer a physical barrier. Brand claims that its wearers feel full sensation and it is superior to other options like dental dams. One Lorals user told The New York Times that the texture was very similar to skin and that the vanilla-flavoring made it taste “like eating cookies”.

A pack of four comes in bikini and boy shorts styles and retails for $25. The brand cautions that their product does not prevent STDs and is therefore not recommended for pregnant women.

A boom in underwear innovation

The lingerie space is enjoying a surge in investment and innovation. According to Crunchbase, venture capital-backed underwear brands raised $457 million in the last year, the highest in five years.

Brands like Thinx, famous for its reusable

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