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Teen Mom 2‘s Leah Got ‘Good News’ About Her Personal Health Issue

Leah’s Teen Mom 2 season began with the mother of three telling her twins about the importance of embracing the “fun stuff” that comes with becoming a young woman (i.e. menstrual cycles and breast self-exams). And during the season finale, the mother of three had some “good news” to share regarding her own health.

“I didn’t tell you guys, but I had another ultrasound,” Leah told her daughters about the benign lump she had detected in her breast. “And although the tumor had grown, it wasn’t necessarily concerning. So I don’t have to have the surgery.”

Ali, Aleeah and Adalynn were happy for their mother and reacted with a unanimous “yay!” Leah added that, “down the road,” she might get a second opinion, but for now she was “happy” with the prognosis.

“I just want to make sure that each of you — I need you to promise me — each of you are going to do you

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