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Team Aydan wins the 35K Warzone Battle of the Titans tournament

Warzone is coming towards what looks set to be a busy month. There are plenty of Warzone tournaments going on at the moment and we’re getting closer to Operation Monarch. Warzone’s been building to this event for a while, and Godzilla is finally fighting Kong. The event even got an official tournament as a tie-in.…

Warzone looks like it’s going to be a busy month. We are getting closer to Operation Monarch. There are many Warzone tournaments taking place at the moment. Warzone has been working towards this event for some time, and Godzilla finally faces Kong. As a tie-in, the event received an official tournament.

Aydan, zSmit, GorgoKnight won the event among the best Warzone and Call of Duty players, and took the lion’s share of the $35K prize pool.

Warzone battle of the titans

Warzone Battle of the Titans Tournament

The Battle of the Titans was the first competitive CoD Warzone tournament. It had higher stakes than the community tournaments. This also gave rise to a substantial prize pool that was large enough to attract many of the top players in Warzone. Playing out on May 12, it all got done in a day.

Teams representing either one of the two giants, Team Kong or Team Godzilla will be competing. In the lobby, Pros competed in three-person teams.


Teams were among the most skilled Warzone players in the BoT tournament. As a $35K official tournament, we’ve definitely seen some big talent get involved. These are the teams that were placed at the end.

  1. Aydan, zSmit, GorgoKnight
  2. Almond, Tommey, Newbz
  3. Swagg, Booya, Biffle
  4. HusKerrs, UnRationaL, ScummN
  5. Jukeyz, Hisoka, and Blazt
  6. Smixie Ebatez, and Djmas
  7. JoeWo, bbreadman, sage
  8. Nadia, Skullface, WarsZ

We’ll saw more players give it a go, with less luck then these teams

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