Expands Twitter

Twitter Expands Access to Professional Profiles and Ticketed Spaces

Twitter’s looking to keep its foot on the development accelerator, with the expansion of two new projects that will provide more opportunities for brands and creators in the app. First off, Twitter is now inviting more businesses to apply for its Professional Profiles test, which enables brands to showcase more business information in a dedicated,…

Twitter updates

Twitter Updates End Card Info for Completed Spaces, Providing Additional Context on the Discussion

Twitter continues to refine its audio Spaces presentation, this time through the addition of a new Spaces end card on desktop, which will provide more information about the Space upon completion of the live broadcast. Up till now, completed Spaces have provided no specific info, other than the title and host, in-stream. But now, when…

launches Twitter

Twitter Launches Live Test of New Labels for Bot Accounts

After experimenting with different display formats for the option over the past two years, Twitter has today launched its first live test of new labels for bot accounts, which it says will help users ‘identify good bots from spammy ones’. Though it won’t really help in that specific delineation. As you can see in this…

Twitter wants

Twitter wants you to tweet to interest-based communities, not just followers

Twitter is a useful place for following breaking news and keeping up with what the people you’re already interested in are doing, but its relative dearth of discovery features and a lack of organized community spaces make it pretty hard to connect with anyone you aren’t actively seeking out. The company is thinking about changing…

Communities Twitter

Twitter Communities enter testing, but they may not be what you were expecting

Twitter announced today that it’s going to begin testing a new feature called Communities. As the name suggests, Twitter Communities will allow people with shared interests to create groups about those interests, much like Facebook Groups do. There will, however, be some big differences between the way Facebook and Twitter handle their communities. In a…

Remove Twitter

Twitter web test lets you remove followers without blocking them

Twitter has launched its second feature test in one day, and this one could be particularly helpful if you’ve ever been subjected to online abuse. A newly available web test lets you remove followers without blocking them. You’ll disappear from their feed without notifications that might spark harassment and threats. The social network hasn’t said…

testing Twitter

Twitter is testing an official ‘soft block’ feature

Twitter has begun testing the first of its proposed suite of new privacy tools: the ability to remove a follower without blocking them. The remove follower feature is currently being tested on the web and seems to canonize the “soft block” concept as an official Twitter tool. According to the tweet announcing the test, you…

tests Twitter

Twitter tests a new timeline with edge-to-edge picture and video

Twitter has announced that it’s testing edge-to-edge media in tweets on iOS, creating a more full-screen, almost Instagram-like experience for the photos and videos in your timeline. In an email to The Verge, Twitter writes that it’s testing the change because it wants to better support conversations that are both visual and text-based. You can…

reacts Twitter

Twitter reacts to Derek Brunson’s dominant finish of Darren Till at UFC Fight Night 191

See the top Twitter reactions to Derek Brunson’s submission win over Darren Till in the UFC Fight Night 191 main event.

commerce Twitter

Twitter Commerce is Coming, with its Various Shopping Experiments Closing in on the Next Stage

Will people be open to shopping via tweet? We’re soon set to find out, with Twitter developing a range of new shopping tools that’ll eventually provide direct, in-stream product listings, tied to business profiles in the app, which will enable Twitter users to both save product listings and make purchases, direct from tweeted content in…