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Home » Energy » Tesla and Teslabot Future Tesla released the version 10 beta of its full self-driving system just after midnight on Friday. Testers mostly agree that version 10 was a substantial improvement over version 9.2. Tesla is making and selling about 80,000 cars each month. They produced 44,200 cars in China in August…

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Tesla Model S Plaid sets production EV record at Germany’s Nürburgring race course

Tesla set a new lap record for a production electric vehicle at Germany’s famed Nürburgring race course. A brand-new Model S Plaid completed the 12.9-mile lap in seven minutes and 30.9 seconds, beating a record set in 2019 by a Porsche Taycan by 12 seconds. The new record was confirmed by Tesla CEO Elon Musk…

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Ford Versus Tesla and Chinese EV makers

Sandy Munro describes how Tesla’s cars are about 30% more efficient than the Ford Mach E and the Volkswagen ID4. Sandy Munro analyzes every component of cars by taking them apart. The Ford Mach E had good ride handling and is a comfortable car. Sandy said that Ford is about 7 years behind Tesla for…

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Tesla FSD Public Opt-in Request Button September 24, 2021

Elon Musk said FSD Beta 10 will release midnight Friday September 10, 2021. The FSD Beta 10.1 should be on September 24, 2021. Beta 10.1 should be good enough for the public opt in request button in the US. Other regions will follow a few months later. FSD Beta 10 rolls out midnight Friday next…

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A Tesla on Autopilot reportedly crashed into a cop car in Florida

Tesla is in the news again due to a crash involving the company’s self-driving software. According to reports, a Tesla on Autopilot this past Saturday just so happened to crash into a Florida police car. The driver of the Tesla, who is disabled, experienced minor injuries. The Florida state trooper, however, suffered no injuries. Details…

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Comparing Tesla BYD Nio Xpeng and Li Auto

This is a comparison of Tesla with the four top electric car companies in China. The top EV companies that are compared are BYD, Nio, XPeng and Li Auto. SAIC Motor’s makes a lot of cars and EVs in joint ventures with GM and VW. SAIC sells a lot of the $5000 Wuling Mini EV.…


Tesla in Talks With Indian Firms for Parts: Economic Times

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Model Tesla

Tesla Model Y deliveries are underway in Europe, report says

We’ve had the Model Y for months and so has China, but now it looks like Europe is getting in on the fun. Tesla Typically, when a new Tesla model debuts, it comes out in the US first, and then, because manufacturing ramp-up takes a while, it comes out later in markets like China and…

Tesla Training

Tesla AI Dojo Training as a Service Could Compete with Amazon and Google Cloud

Lex Fridman has a very successful podcast but he has been an AI researcher for 6+ years. Lex was very impressed with the technical details of Autopilot and FSD revealed at Tesla AI day. Lex says “All of it is just brilliant”. He thinks Tesla has all the pieces needed to solve full self-driving. Lex…

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Tesla is building an AI-powered humanoid robot called Tesla Bot

Forward-looking: Move over Boston Dynamics, there’s a new robot maker in town. Tesla announced the Tesla Bot during its AI Day conference today. Tesla Bot is a general purpose, bi-pedal, humanoid robot “capable of performing tasks that are unsafe, repetitive or boring for humans to carry out.” That may not sound all that interesting (and…