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Netflix fails to reach its subscriber target and shares drop on weak forecast

During the reporting season of October to December, the world’s largest streaming service released star-studded movies Red Notice and Don’t Look Up.Published On 20 Jan 202220 Jan 2022Netflix Inc fell short of Wall Street forecasts for new subscribers at the end of last year and offered a weaker-than-expected forecast for early 2022 as rivals amped…

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Netflix has a gripping new true-crime docuseries that’ll leave you speechless

A new Netflix documentary series that debuted on the streaming service Tuesday starts off with the feel of a taut thriller, driven by a John le Carre-worthy storyline. A conman pretending to be an MI5 spy scams more than half a dozen people over the course of a decade. And the story apparently isn’t even…


Netflix is now more expensive than HBO Max

Once upon time, HBO sold cable subscribers on the value of a premium paid channel with the slogan, “It’s not TV, it’s HBO.” Today, in an entertainment world dominated by at-home viewing, Netflix is hoping its own prestige will justify the highest monthly price tag in the US among streaming companies.On Jan. 14, Netflix announced…

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Netflix just released a new season of Ricky Gervais’ emotional dark comedy

Netflix on Friday released the third season of Ricky Gervais’ emotionally wrenching series After Life. And that, right there, tells you something about how important this project is to the comedian and actor — whose TV shows, until now, have tended to follow a simple rule. Two seasons, and that’s it. But this story, the…

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Your Netflix Subscription is Going up in Price

Bogdan Glisik/Shutterstock.comThe day every single Netflix user dreads is upon us—the company is raising its prices again. All users in the US and Canada are subject to this increase. If you’re a Netflix watcher in one of those locations, prepare for your wallet to take a hit. Netflix is bumping the price of its plans…

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Netflix raises prices for US subscribers

The big picture: Netflix is raising the price of its streaming subscription service in the US for the second time during the pandemic. With more entertainment choices now than ever before, Netflix will use the extra money to keep offering subscribers a wide array of quality options on its platform. A basic Netflix account, which…


There’s No One Left to Sign Up for Netflix, So It’s Raising Prices Again Instead

On Friday, Netflix announced it has raised prices on all of its subscription plans, with the highest-quality plan now costing users $19.99 per month. The basic plan, which only allows for standard definition video, is now $9.99. Netflix says its most popular plan, which allows for 1080p HD video, is not $15.49. “We’re updating our prices so…

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How much does Netflix cost? The breakdown of streamer’s plans

When it comes to the myriad of streaming options available to us, Netflix still reigns supreme. One of the original platforms for web-connected viewing, the O.G. streamer is home to thousands of movies, shows, and exclusives. While many of us are already subscribed, there are still some users who may be opting into their first…

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Netflix price rise: What does it mean for current subscribers

As of January 14, Netflix in the United States now costs at least one dollar more for each of the three plans offered, meaning the company’s 4K customers are now paying $20/month for the service. The company has also increased its plan prices in Canada. Rokas Tenys/Shutterstock Netflix has been steadily raising its prices over…

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Netflix launches 2022 with unexpected price increases for all its plans

If one of your New Year’s Resolutions was to be more frugal with your money in 2022, we have some bad news for you. On Friday, Netflix announced price hikes for all of its monthly subscription plans in the US and Canada. The new prices take effect immediately for new members, so if you try…