Apple Music

What Apple Music can do to catch up with Spotify

Apple ignited the legal music-download revolution with iTunes, led again by dropping copy-protecting DRM from its music downloads, and in 2007 led a major upgrade in digital-music quality with the launch of iTunes Plus.But more than a decade later, the company finds itself as a music-streaming laggard, to borrow a term that Steve Jobs used…

Apple shareholders

Apple shareholders approve big stock payout for Tim Cook; dividend increase coming

Apple shareholders on Tuesday voted to approve compensation for Apple executives, including up to 1 million shares of stock for Tim Cook by 2025.

Apple mulling

Apple mulling on making iPads in India, reportedly lobbying for greater export incentive budget

Apple mulling on making iPads in India, reportedly lobbying for increased export incentive budget Apple may start manufacturing iPads in India soon. (Image Source: MoneyControl) Apple is reportedly planning to shift some of its iPad production to India and is lobbying to increase the budget for the Indian Government’s performance-linked incentive (PLI) scheme. This report…

Apple Demands

Apple needs sales data for countless Steam matches as part of its legal battle with Epic

The request is a rather bizarre one. Apple seems to be implying that, because Epic could theoretically publish its games on Steam, it should have access to non-public sales data on hundreds of third-party games for use in its legal battle.

Apple looking

Apple Wants to Purchase key parts Because of the self-driving Apple Car

Apple is reportedly negotiating for key parts for its self-driving Apple Car — the LiDAR sensors that would allow the vehicle to see where it is and navigate its surroundings. Apple is negotiating with various providers in search of the LiDAR technology that will be considered cutting edge four or five years from now. Apple…

AirPods Apple

This Apple AirPods bargain at Staples is so good it may be a mistake

Staples is offering a $30 discount on the second-generation AirPods, lowering the price of Apple’s wireless earbuds to $129 from their original price of $159.

Apple MagSafe

Apple has a MagSafe Battery Pack in the works, but technical problems stall its release

When Apple unveiled the iPhone 12 last October, one of its key features was its MagSafe ring. The component provides a wireless charging solution while also allowing for magnetic clip-on accessories like wallets and cases. A variety of attachments are already for sale on Apple’s website.

Apple MagSafe

Apple MagSafe battery attachment could put a stop to bulky charging cases

With the introduction of MagSafe on the iPhone 12 lineup, Apple has opened the door to a number of magnetic accessories. The company itself has crafted some MagSafe accessories for the iPhone 12, and now it’s rumored to be working on a magnetic battery pack. As you might imagine, a MagSafe battery pack would allow…

Apple reportedly

Apple reportedly developing magnetic battery pack for iPhone

The iPhone 12 was announced alongside a range of MagSafe accessories last year. | Image: Apple Apple is reportedly developing a new iPhone charging accessory in the form of a battery pack that magnetically attaches to the rear of the device using MagSafe, Bloomberg reports. Although some prototypes have a rubber exterior, the battery pack…

Apple approve

Apple will just approve COVID-19 vaccination apps verified by health authorities

It may not be enough just to get vaccinated against COVID-19 — you may also need proof that you've completed the vaccination course to be able to travel, to go to school or to enter establishments in the immediate future. That's why apps pro…