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Review of Purple Royal Seat Cushion

For years, I’ve thought of my office chair as one of my savvier buys. It wasn’t as outrageously expensive as some of the offerings from the top brands, but it still provides me with far more support than the hand-me-down swivel chair I had been sitting on previously. I didn’t think I needed anything more…

For years, my office chair has been one of my most valuable purchases. Although it was not as expensive as top-brand chairs, it provides far more support than my old hand-me-down swivel stool. I didn’t feel I needed more than the chair offered. Then I realized what I was missing when I sat down for the first time on Purple’s Royal Seat Cushion.

Purple Royal Seat Cushion

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Purple’s seat cushions are made from the same GelFlex Grid as its mattresses. The Royal Seat Cushion is the most expensive and thickest option offered by the company.

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Purple's Royal Seat Cushion and removable cover.

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Purple’s Royal Seat Cushion exudes comfort

Purple’s unique mattresses with its GelFlex Grid are undoubtedly its most recognizable trademark. This Grid has been repurposed by Purple to create a range of seat cushions in many sizes and shapes. They start as low as $55 for a lightweight travel cushion and go up to $149 for a wide cushion large enough to cover the front seat of your car.

Purple recently sent a Royal Seat Cushion to us for review. After two weeks of use, I find myself often dragging the cushion around my apartment, trying to soften the hard chairs. The cheap plastic chairs I purchased on Amazon for my dining room table suddenly feel almost as comfortable as my couch.

Some assembly required

I must admit that I was skeptical when the cushion arrived.

Inside the box is the Purple cushion as well as the removable cover. The cushion looks like someone cut a piece out of a Purple mattress, as you can see from the video and the images above. To put together a Purple cushion, unzip the cover and fold the cushion in half. You can now align the corners and zip the cover closed.

I was not prepared for the cushion’s support. The Royal Seat Cushion is a big, soft rectangle that provides the same support as my leather office chair. It arrived the day I received it and I used it throughout my entire workday. Living in New York City, I have become accustomed to the fact that the temperature inside is almost always out of my control. The built-in air channels kept the Purple cushion cool.

A closer look at the GelFlex Grid.

Even if your seat doesn’t get sweaty, you will wan

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