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Opening fully driverless Robotaxi support to the public in California beginning in 2022

FREMONT, Calif. — Silicon Valley-based, a leading autonomous driving firm, today announced that it has started regular and daily fully driverless testing on public streets in Fremont and Milpitas, CA. Along with the recent launch of entirely driverless testing in Guangzhou, China, the business is now the first to get fully driverless automated vehicles on public streets in three cities across the world’s two most lively mobility niches.

The successful kick-off is authorized by the previously announced driverless license received from the California Department of Motor Vehicles for a fleet of six driverless vehicles, easing the whole operational coverage over 100 square kilometers. Countless stealth technology iterations and many driverless readiness evaluations executed by a top-notch team have bolstered this substantial milestone. Since U.S. cities reopen in stages, looks forward to resuming its Robotaxi service to the public at Irvine, CA this summer, and intends to roll out the entirely driverless service to the public in 2022.

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“Going completely driverless is key to achieving full autonomy and an indispensable catalyst to realizing our ambitious vision,” explained James Peng, CEO and Founder of “As we continue to grow and scale, we extended our community responsibility from contactless delivery services throughout the pandemic in California last year to fight against the new COVID-19 outbreak in Guangzhou.” has combined forces with the City of Fremont for over a year to battle COVID-19, including meal kit shipping support to vulnerable communities. Additionally, the company partnered with Yamibuy from Southern California to deliver an autonomous and contactless last-mile delivery service to Irvine residents.

“In Guangzhou, a fleet of 14 driverless vehicles transports medical equipment, life provides, and frontline health workers to local communities night and day. constantly keeps social obligation in our hearts and places community at th

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