Matthew Stafford

Matthew Stafford relishes the chance to upset Tom Brady, Buccaneers

By the time the Lions made quarterback Matthew Stafford the first overall pick of the 2009 draft, Tom Brady had already won three Super Bowls. When Stafford marches into Raymond James Stadium on Sunday with the Rams, he will face Brady, who is on a quest for his eighth Lombardi Trophy. Brady had already won…

language University

According to the University Language Guide, ‘grandfather’, ‘housekeeping’, and’spirit animals’ are all ‘problematic words

A University of Washington language guide is calling everyday words used by Americans “problematic.” The University of Washington Information Technology department released an “inclusive language guide” that lists a number of “problematic words” that are “racist,” “sexist,” “ageist,” or “homophobic.” According to the guide, words such as “grandfather,” “housekeeping,” “minority,” “ninja,” and “lame” are considered “problematic words.”…

Mahomes-Josh Patrick

Patrick Mahomes-Josh Allen poised to be marquee for many years

Yes, yes, yes. We get it. Patrick Mahomes won’t spend one second of Sunday night’s AFC divisional playoff game guarding Josh Allen. Allen will not spend one second of the game checking Mahomes. This isn’t a hoops game on West Fourth Street playground or Rucker Park — or 1953, for that matter, when single-platoon football…

teacher Texas

Texas teacher said that students were ‘utter morons’ while on leave

A Texas junior high school teacher has been placed on administrative leave after she was caught on video calling her students “complete and utter morons.” An unnamed first-year teacher at Harry Wright Junior High School in the Lamar Consolidated Independent School District in Richmond recently unleashed a tirade where she said she wouldn’t save kids…

identify Officials

Officials identify the victims of a truck flip in NC that killed teenage Marines

Lance Cpl. Jonathan Gierke (left) and Pfc. Zachary Riffle were pronounced dead after a tactical vehicle flipped over on a North Carolina highway. 2nd Marine Logistics Group The US military identified two Marines that were killed in a North Carolina tactical vehicle mishap Wednesday. Lance Cpl. Jonathan Gierke, 19, from Lawrenceville, Georgia, and Pfc Zachary…

Lawyers secondary

Lawyers and Secondary Traumatic Stress or: The dispersal brain matter in a Kentucky Trailer

When a man’s head has been blown off with a shotgun, you’d expect there to be more of a mess. But a 12-gauge to the temple, at close range, can be surgically precise. I was a third-year law student, still in my 20s, when I learned that. Our clinic director gave us a foot-thick, plain-brown…

Penzey's sends

Penzey’s sends a spicy “Republicans Are Racists” promotional email

At the end of last week, as many were readying for a long Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend, Penzey’s Spices CEO Bill Penzey Jr. sent a spicy promotional email to customers.  He dubbed the upcoming sale “Republicans are Racists Weekend.” With a $10 purchase, customers were offered ½ cup jar of China Cinnamon, Mexican…

Carlson Tucker

Tucker Carlson laments the fact that he is no longer attracted by “less sexy M&M cartoons”

A screengrab from Tucker Carlson’s Friday Fox News show. (FOX News) M&M’s — the beloved candy-coated chocolate candy made by Mars — unveiled a few changes to its longtime group of cartoon mascots this week: giving the brown M&M “kitten heels” rather than her signature stilettos and changing out the green M&M’s boots for sneakers. …

Thanking Whedon

Why we should be thanking Joss Whedon and Jeff Garlin for their candor about workplace misconduct

The year is barely three weeks old and already we’ve been gifted with what may be the alpha and omega of 2021’s self-owns in Vulture’s interview with Joss Whedon. Doubling as a deep dive into the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” creator’s career and legacy and an opportunity for him to spin his side of the…

dangerous National

These 16 national parks are the most dangerous in the United States.

Colorful sunset overlooking the Colorado River deep in the Grand Canyon (Dean Fikar/Getty Images) This story originally appeared on Mental Floss. A family vacation to a national park can quickly turn into an emergency situation, as many of the parks are known for unpredictable weather, difficult terrain, and dangerous wildlife. They may also attract tourists who are new…