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Tyga Responds After Nikita Dragun Tries to ‘Expose’ DM

September 16, 2021 News Tyga is firing back after Nikita Dragun tried to “expose” him. The YouTuber and beauty influencer shared a trailer for her new song “Dick,” which includes photos and screenshots of different men that allegedly tried to slide in her DMs, including one from Tyga that reads, “Text me.” The word “DICK”…


‘I just broke down’: ABF raids couple as officers hunt for missing seasonal workers

Australian Border Force officers have raided the home of pastoral carers in Bundaberg as part of an investigation into missing seasonal workers.


Sydney hits new Covid case record as outbreak spreads

SYDNEY: Sydney posted a new record of Covid-19 infections Tuesday as the city struggles to control an outbreak that is sending other Australian regions into lockdown.New South Wales state announced 356 new cases, a fresh record for a Delta-variant outbreak that began in mid-June and continues to grow in a population with low vaccination rates.More…

confirms Study

Study confirms superior sound of a Stradivari is due to the varnish

Knock on wood — Chemicals used to soak the wood include borax, zinc, copper, alum, and lime water. Jennifer Ouellette – Sep 16, 2021 11:30 pm UTC Enlarge / A 1729 Stradivari known as the “Solomon, Ex-Lambert” on display at Christie’s in New York in March 2007.Along with Andrea Amati and Andrea Guarneri, Antonio Stradivari…

Billionaire Sacklers

Billionaire Sacklers’ immunity threatened as DOJ moves to block opioid deal

Sackler fight — The DOJ argues the immunity is unconstitutional and expects the deal to be overturned. Beth Mole – Sep 16, 2021 10:49 pm UTC Enlarge / PURDUE PHARMA, STAMFORD, Conn. – 2019/09/12: Members of P.A.I.N. (Prescription Addiction Intervention Now) and Truth Pharm staged a protest outside Purdue Pharma headquarters over the recent, controversial…

Apple Sunset’s

Apple sunsets the 256GB iPhone SE

Small Phones — The change makes the iPhone SE compete less directly with the iPhone 13 mini. Samuel Axon – Sep 16, 2021 10:37 pm UTC The 2020 iPhone SE. Samuel Axon It has a glass back like all current iPhones. Samuel Axon The bezels are large by today’s standards, and it’s still very reflective—but…

Nintendo's thing

Nintendo’s “thing after the Switch”: How an overheard convo sent me reeling

Enlarge / Today’s very brief hint of the gaming future comes wrapped in a Nintendo bow.Aurich LawsonSEATTLE—It’s not every day I hear about unannounced Nintendo products over guac. Thanks to a chance encounter last month, I’ve been sitting on one of the weirder scoops in my 25-year writing career—one that will simultaneously set many gamer…

Battlefield joins

Battlefield 2042 joins recent game-delay frenzy, moves to November

Still 2021 at least — Fans left wondering whether all announced modes will land on launch day. Steve Haske – Sep 16, 2021 9:59 pm UTC Enlarge / This looks fun.Battlefield 2042 has been delayed from its initial October 22 release date, though it will still launch this year, EA announced today. The multiplayer-only shooter…

Potty-trained seriously

Potty-trained cows could seriously help the planet

You can potty train your kids and even, with some effort, your cats. As it turns out, there might be a barnyard animal that is even better at using the toilet than tots and kittens—and the impact that might have on the environment could be huge. A new study in Cell found that young calves…

connect Finally

You can finally connect Bluetooth headphones to your Nintendo Switch. Here’s how.

The Nintendo Switch has been a smash hit based on just about every metric you can use. But that doesn’t mean that the handheld console is perfect, and for a long time, Switch users complained about how the device was not compatible with wireless audio.  Luckily their demands were heard, and Nintendo has now added…