Cowboys Watch

View Cowboys legend DeMarcus Ware game Myles Garrett’s athleticism

The Dallas Cowboys are going to be well represented at this summer’s Hall of Fame ceremony as Jimmy Johnson, Cliff Harris and Drew Pearson will all finally be enshrined in Canton. The team could have a more modern addition in the Class of 2022 as …

Lakers' Night

Wild night for Lakers: 5 takeaways from Reduction to the Suns

Five takeaways from the Lakers-Suns game on Tuesday night at Staples Center.

Eagles Trade

PFF: Eagles TE Zach Ertz Commerce to Bills’makes sense’

Buffalo Bills trading for Philadelphia Eagles TE Zach Ertz ‘makes sense’ says Pro Football Focus.

Bradshaw Terry

OTD: Terry Bradshaw Used’Tom Brady’ as Hospital Alias for 1983 Arm Surgery

In a perfect case of the truth being stranger than fiction, legendary Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback and Pro Football Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw checked into a hospital on this day in 1983 using the alias “Thomas Brady…

control Humans

Humans control majority of freshwater ebb and flow to Earth, study finds

Humans have made a remarkable impact on the planet, from clearing forests for agriculture and urbanization to altering the chemistry of the atmosphere with fossil fuels. Now, a new study in the journal Nature reveals for the first time the extent of human impact on the global water cycle.

Increase Tenfold

Tenfold growth in carbon dioxide emissions cuts necessary to stem climate emergency

New research shows 64 countries cut their fossil CO2 emissions during 2016-2019, but the rate of reduction needs to increase tenfold to meet the Paris Agreement aims to tackle climate change.

Scientists strongest

Scientists find strongest signs yet of’migration gene’

A team from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Cardiff University say they have found the strongest evidence yet of a “migration gene” in birds.

discovered symbiosis

New kind of symbiosis discovered: Endosymbiont derives energy from respiration of nitrate

Researchers from Bremen, together with their colleagues from the Max Planck Genome Center in Cologne and the aquatic research institute Eawag from Switzerland, have discovered a unique bacterium that lives inside a unicellular eukaryote and provides it with energy. Unlike mitochondria, this so-called endosymbiont derives energy from the respiration of nitrate, not oxygen. “Such partnership…

Dietary interact

Dietary fats interact with grape tannins to influence wine taste

Wine lovers recognize that a perfectly paired wine can make a delicious meal taste even better, but the reverse is also true: Certain foods can influence the flavors of wines. Now, researchers reporting in ACS’ Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry have explored how lipids—fatty molecules abundant in cheese, meats, vegetable oils and other foods—interact…

Vermont Women

Vermont has put women at legislative helm. Where will they steer?

With women now holding top posts in the Vermont legislature, they’re in a position to take on an enduring problem: Balancing a job and family.