Olympian Gabby Thomas has a trick for staying motivated

Gabby Thomas remembers the exact moment she became interested in health equity. She was sitting in a Harvard classroom discussing how trauma and stress can be passed down through generations and alter genetics. She began to think of the long list of ancestral trauma being passed down. From slavery and Jim Crowe laws, to food deserts…

Gabby Tom remembers exactly when she first became interested in health Equity . While she was in Harvard’s classroom, she was discussing how stress and trauma can be passed on through the generations. She started to consider the many trauma that had been passed down. Slavery and Jim Crowe laws to food deserts, lack of jobs and other stressors that affect Black communities all add up to make it difficult for future generations.

Thomas witnessed this firsthand in her family. “I grew up with two neuro-atypical brothers. Thomas explains that her family history inspired her college studies in neurobiology.

Now at 25, Thomas has been a two-time Olympic track medalist and a Harvard-educated epidemiologist. While completing her Master’s in Public Health at the University of Texas, she is also training for the Olympics.

“It’s gonna be really hard for you to be motivated to challenge yourself every day if you don’t love what you’re doing,” says Thomas, adding that passion alone won’t make you successful, and that the trick is

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