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Mets surprise Travis Jankowski with his shirt, after-jersey comment

Travis Jankowski wasn’t trying to garner any sympathy a week and a half ago when he made a comment, while talking about embracing his role off the bench, that “no one’s going to be buying my jersey.”  But his Mets teammates took note, and by late Friday night after a loss to the Mariners at…

Travis Jankowski didn’t want to get sympathy for his comments a week ago, when he said, while discussing how he was accepting his role off of the bench that “no one is going to buy my jersey.”

But his Mets teammates noticed and, late Friday night, after a loss to the Mariners at Citi Field, white Jankowski shirseys were draped over every chair inside the clubhouse. As they were getting ready for the next game, many players wore them on Saturday afternoon.

” I didn’t mean it as a pity party like no one’s wearing mine jersey,” Jankowski, the Mets speedy outfielder said Saturday, before he started in left field. It was more like I understood my role and am happy to be here. It speaks volumes about the clubhouse. It’s amazing to be a part of such a team of guys in the clubhouse. They care deeply about each other and understand that each role is vital. It’s awesome.”

Manager Buck Showalter revealed to Jankowski Friday afternoon that he had something for him at the pregame advance meeting. Eduardo Escobar, third baseman, opened a box to find the T-shirts. They had Jankowski’s name on them and his No. 16 on the back.

“I think my face was as red as a tomato,” Jankowski said with a laugh.

For Showalter, it was more than just a T shirt.

” I think it’s just their respect for him,” Showalter stated. He’s a humble man. He’s a humble guy. He would love to see a break in the system and to play again as an everyday player. I believe people rally around [him].. It’s good karma for the clubhouse.”

Travis Jankowski
Travis Jankowski
Robert Sabo for the NY POST

Entering Saturday, the 30-year-old Jankowski had appea

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