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Mercedes-Benz dealership opens driving class for teens in an effort to build loyalty

Mercedes-Benz of Sugar Land is building customer loyalty and making roads safer at the same time. Since 2014, the Texas dealership has sent more than 260 teenagers through a driving safety school that uses an array of Mercedes vehicles to teach various maneuvers. The initiative started as a perk for dealership clients’ children as part…

Mercedes-Benz Sugar Land builds customer loyalty while making roads safer.

Texas’s dealership has sent more 260 teens through its driving safety school, which uses a variety of Mercedes cars to teach different maneuvers.

The initiative was originally created as a perk to dealership clients’ children under a VIP benefits program. However, it was expanded in 2019 so that the Clements High School was included. This store opened the opportunity to all customers outside of its client base.

The training was a huge success with Mercedes-Benz clients in Sugar Land’s “First. Class. Access.” Access. These customers receive offers from businesses, such as travel concierge services and member pricing at spas, or special rates at Grand Hyatt Baha Mar, in the Bahamas.

” We pitch it as taking care our clients both inside and outside our dealership,” stated Derek Brown, vice president of marketing. It’s definitely a retention tool. It is definitely a loyalty component. “

Clements high is Kory Enders’ alma mater. He was an IndyCar driver and completed the safety course when he was a teenager. Kenneth Enders, the dealership’s founder, is his son.

Kory Enders pays half the Clements student costs, while the dealership pays the remainder.

Teens learn skills like reversing and evasive changes of lanes, as well as brake adjustments at the MSR Houston race facility. According to the dealership, the exercises teach students safe driving and accident-avoidance skills. They also allow them to experience extreme situations in controlled conditions.

Enders are among the many professional drivers who help students. The dealership holds four sessions each year — one for Clements and the others for the families of

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