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Megan Thee Stallion Defends Elena from ‘The Vampire Diaries’: ‘My B-tch Was Making People Change for the Better’

Not all of Ms. Stallion’s fans were onboard with the rapper’s opinions on the hit CW show

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One woman’s example of “real hot girl sh-t” is another’s “most annoying main characters to ever exist in television.” That’s at least what happened on Twitter on Wednesday when Megan Thee Stallion randomly tweeted in support of Elena Gilbert, Nina Dobrev’s character from the hit CW series, “The Vampire Diaries.”

Despite being off-the-air for four years, the supernatural teen drama was clearly on the “Savage” rapper’s mind Wednesday afternoon, when she tweeted, “Once I figured out Elena wasn’t coming back on vampire diaries I stopped watching.”

Once I figured out Elena wasn’t coming back on vampire diaries I stopped watching bc wtf 🥺

— TINA SNOW (@theestallion) July 21, 2021

She’s referring to Dobrev’s departure from the CW show in 2015. Despite being the main character (and main object of the vampiric Salvatore brothers’ affections), the program carried on without Elena for two more seasons. Two more seasons that Megan did not care to watch.

When a fan replied to her inciting tweet with a simple, “Girl f–k Elena,” the Grammy winner explained her thought process.

“Think about this,” Megan wrote. “If there was no Elena everyone would be bored and stagnant my b-tch was making people change for the better her whole time on the show.

Think abt this… if there was no Elena everyone would be bored and stagnant my bitch was making people change for the better her whole time on the show

— TINA SNOW (@theestallion) July 21, 2021

Megan Thee Stallion (née Megan Pete) continued espousing “Vampire Diaries” takes. For instance, her favorite Salvatore brother? Damon (Ian Somerhalder), obviously. Check out the rest here.

Some hot takes were more popular than others but none were as unpopular as Meg’s original “coming out” as an Elena apologist. Check out the mix of dumbfounded and vindicated fan reactions below.

Nah friend. Elena is like one of the most annoying main characters to every exist in television. 🥴

Now Katherine…Katherine is that girl but Bonnie deserved so much more. The entire Bennett family did.

— Madam C.J. White Walker (@ABitOfKwansLife) July 21, 2021

it truly gives me so much joy that seasons without elena were tvd’s worst seasons so people who hate elena couldn’t even enjoy it without her and it’s just proved the show without her sucks and then got cancelled

— Nej (@delelunas) July 21, 2021

megan thee stallion is a damon stan and an elena stan. queeeen

— jas (@sarahwclkers) July 21, 2021

who in their right mind watches TVD to the end and still likes Elena by the end of it? 😭

— wild child. (@lisaIiveson) July 21, 2021

Despite all the Twitter dissent, Hot Girl Meg remained unbothered, brushing off her “dragging” with a nonchalant “Tuh” and she even retweeted a fan’s video montage of Elena’s best moments from “The Vampire Diaries” set to her own song, “Megan Monday

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