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Keyshia Cole Says She Misses Antonio Brown A Lot”

New celebrity dating rumors seem to pop up every day, as your faves love to keep their fans guessing regarding their love life—but now Keyshia Cole is the latest to be at the center of speculation thanks to her recent posts on social media. Taking to her Instagram stories, Keyshia Cole made it abundantly clear…

Keyshia Cole

New celebrity rumours about dating pop up daily, as celebrities love to keep fans guessing about their love lives. But Keyshia Core is now the center of speculation due to her recent social media posts. Keyshia Cole posted multiple Instagram posts stating that she misses Antonio Brown (not a little, but a lot .”


At the end of last month, Antonio Brown revealed that he was currently working on his debut album “Paradigm”. He also asked Keyshia Cole for a part on the single. They have been teasing the video for “Don’t Leave”, the first single from the album, and have formed a close friendship. Fans speculate that there might be more to her social media posts.

Keyshia Cole posted photos of them together on Instagram stories and wrote, “Missing him!” A lot” and “Missing him a lot.” In record speed the Internet went into overdrive with theories and predictions that the two could possibly be more than friends–although as of

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