James McCann

James McCann “shooting for a quicker” return to injury than anticipated

James McCann has already requested the use of Dominic Smith’s rarely-used catcher’s mitt for his healthy right hand.  McCann won’t be throwing with his left hand, but he does plan to keep sharp in his squatting position while catching with his right hand as he works back from surgery to address a broken left hamate…

James McCann already requested Dominic Smith’s seldom-used catcher’s mitt to be used for his right hand.

McCann will not be throwing with his left arm, but he plans to continue to squat while catching with his right side as he recovers from surgery to repair a left hamate bone fracture that he suffered on Friday. McCann, the Mets’ catcher, is scheduled to have the procedure this week. It has a six-week average time frame for his return to play. McCann hopes to be back sooner.

” “Obviously, I’m shooting faster than that,” McCann stated Saturday before the Mets hosted Mariners at Citi Field.

McCann stated that he can do almost everything except swing a bat with just two hands. He will continue throwing, lifting, and catching right-handed from a pitching device — though the velocity will be a bit slower as he adjusts to receiving with his left-hand — on the road back to surgery.

” I’ll need to rest for a while after the operation, but my goal is to be as close as possible to baseball form. McCann agreed.

James McCann
James McCann plans to stay in baseball shape as much as possible while he rehabs.
Corey Sipkin for the NY POST

The specifics of exactly how the injury occurred are a little less clear.

McCann pointed out that most broken hamate bones occur in one swing, and batters instantly lose their strength. His case was unique.

The 31-year-old said he had been dealing with general wrist soreness for “several weeks,” but usually only at times, either in the batting cage or during batting practice.

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“But once it started, (*] the adrenaline was there, but it wasn’t prohibitive,” McCann stated. It was Tuesday when I felt it while I was catching. That was when I said the first time. It was then that I realized it was something I had to say. If I can feel it while catching a baseball, that’s something I need t

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