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Germany: More than 300 far-right extremists in security agencies

VIENNA (AP) — The German government said Friday that it has identified more than 300 employees of national and state military, police and security agencies with links to far-right extremists or similar movements. The Federal Ministry of the Interior analyzed 860 cases of possible extremist activity from July 2018 to July 2021. Federal-level security agencies…

VIENNA — Friday’s announcement by the German government stated that more than 300 employees from national and state security agencies, including police and military personnel, were linked to extremists and similar movements.

The Federal Ministry of the Interior examined 860 possible extremist activity between July 2018 and July 2021.. 176 cases were handled by federal security agencies, while 684 cases were handled at the state level.

The activities and actions that were examined included memberships or support of extremist organizations, posts to social media, participation at far-right extremist events, and membership in related chat group.

The analysis revealed links to right-wing extremism and movements with a similar ideology in 38% all cases.

Reichsburger, or “Reich citizens,” has similarities to nationalist citizens’ movements in the United States and elsewhere. Its followers reject the authority of the modern German state and promote the notion of “natural rights,” often mixi

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