Delta Air Lines Facing Intense Reaction From Angry Customers Its Response is Brilliant

Last week, I wrote about Delta Air Lines and a new policy that made a lot of customers angry. As a percentage of overall travelers, the number of those affected by the policy wasn’t particularly large, but they were more likely to be some of Delta’s best and most loyal customers. The policy added restrictions to…

Last Week, I wrote about Delta Air Lines’ new policy which made many customers angry . Although the percentage of affected travelers was small, they were still more likely to be Delta’s most loyal and best customers.

The policy placed restrictions on how customers could use Delta’s member-only SkyClubs . The policy stated that members could only visit SkyClubs up to three hours prior to their departure and that they could not visit after they reach their destination. You might think, “I don’t really care, this has absolutely nothing to do with my life,” and you may be partially correct if you have never been in a SkyClub. This story has a valuable lesson. Let me tell you:

The change and the way Delta implemented it didn’t go down well. It’s not surprising. When people pay money for something and the company makes changes that make it less valuable, it usually doesn’t make them happy.

The two main ways to access Delta’s SkyClubs is to either pay an annual fee or have access via a credit card with a high-annual fees. There are other options. Delta’s most prestigious frequent flyer status allows you to choose a membership as a benefit. This means that the most affected people are also the most likely customers to Delta. It’s not a good business decision to make a change that will upset your most valued customers, even if you have the best intentions.

In this instance, many customers reached out to Delta to express their dissatisfaction. Although Delta did not say how many customers provided feedback on the change, it was enough for the company to pay attention.

Delta appears to have changed its mind. It was kind of. The change about accessing a SkyClub upon arrival at your destination was scrapped. However, the portion about restricting access to three hours prior to your flight was kept.

Here’s how Claude Roussel, the managing director for Delta’s SkyClubs explained it in an email to customers:

Last week we announced updates to our Delta Sky Club access policy with the intention of improving your experience during the busy summer months. Your feedback was received in response to these updates. We also heard that some customers wanted to visit the Club to recharge before a meeting or refresh after landing.

We value your feedback and have taken action. Just as you can today, customers with Delta Sky Club access

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