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Credello: How to increase your chances of getting approved for a personal loan

Press Release – May 13, 2022 18:00 EDT NEW YORK, May 13, 2022 ( – Personal loans can be great tools for paying off credit card debt, making big purchases, making home improvements or even going on your honeymoon. Although there is never a guarantee that you will get approved, you can increase your chances…

Press Release

May 13, 2022 18: 00 EDT

NEW YORK, May 13, 2022 (

Personal Loans can be a great tool for paying off credit cards, making large purchases, or even going on a honeymoon. These steps can help you increase your chances of getting approved. You can also check out Credello’s recommendations for personal loans with loan offers as low as 2.4% APR.

The basics

Personal Loans are usually unsecured so there is no need to provide collateral. You can get a lower interest rate if you have excellent credit. This means that you won’t be paying huge amounts of interest.

If you have trouble getting approved, follow these steps:

  • Look at your credit profile

    • Your credit score will determine your APR, as it is a factor in how likely you are to repay your debt. Lenders charge higher interest rates for riskier lending because lower credit scores make it more difficult to repay debt.
    • To improve your credit score, make sure to make all of your payments on time, try and get your credit ratio under 30%, have a variety of accounts open and in good standing, and do not open too many accounts at one time.
    • Review your reports and dispute any errors that you might find. You can correct any errors or dispute an account that you find.
  • Try and get prequalified for a personal loan

    • Getting prequalified lets you look at your options without impacting your credit score. Compare rates from different lenders before you apply to make sure you get the best rate.
  • Get a steady sou

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