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Crazy Fortnite door exploit sends players flying

Glitches A new exploit has been found in Fortnite Season 6, giving players the ultimate mobility with a simple door edit. Published 15 mins agoon April 7, 2021 Players have found a new rotation exploit in Fortnite Season 6 that has them flying across the map. Here’s how to do it. Fortnite has always been…


A new exploit has been observed at Fortnite Season 6, giving gamers the ultimate freedom with a simple door edit.


15 mins ago


Players have found a new turning exploit in Fortnite Season 6 which has them flying round the map. Here is the way to get it done.

Fortnite has always been prone to exploits — a few more broken than others. Most players will keep in mind that sand tunneling was disabled because of its bulk of Fortnite Season 5 due to an exploit that made players invisible.

Season 6 is no exception. Players have found a way to farm unlimited Gold Bars if you do not care too much about your own stats. You may even keep your health ticking up for an whole match when you have a friend by your side for a different tap.

This time, players have discovered a way to combine rotational items like chickens, Hop Rock Dualies, and Easter Eggs with an easy door edit to send them flying across the map.

Fortnite Door edit exploit

As you can see from the movie above, the door exploit is straightforward. All you need to do is have a low-gravity item like a chicken, Hop Rock Dualies, or Easter Egg. After that, you just need to edit a door, open it, jump on top, and close it.

The one caveat to this exploit is that you need to make sure you’re facing in the right direction. The door will send you flying away from the direction that it is facing, so be sure you angle yourself properly.

SypherPK covered this strategy in a recent movie, testing all the different mobility items in the game. As he said, the exploit seems to work better with female characters than it does with man characters.

The Easter Egg in Fortnite is a seasonal thing, and will likely leave the game next week. The elimination of the item is likely to create the tap less common, as you’ll only have the ability to use Hop Fish, Exotic Dualies, or a chicken.

This harness is on the fence of becoming problematic. It probably will not ruin the game for individuals, but is definitely unintended. We will have to see if Epic take action on this one.


Fortnite YouTuber, OrangeGuy, has found a Season 6 exploit that allows players to obtain unlimited health. Here’s the way to get it done.


two weeks past


March 23, 2021

Fortnite Season 6 has just been out for a week, however, players have already found a way to continually generate health during an whole match.

Fortnite is no stranger to glitches. The past two seasons saw players understand how to make cars fly and turn themselves invisible. In reality, the Sand Tunneling characteristic of Season 5 has been handicapped for about half of this year due to a favorite glitch.

It should not be a surprise, then, to learn that players have already found a couple glitches in Season 6. OrangeGuy, a favorite Fortnite YouTuber, revealed that an boundless gold exploit at the start of the season. Now, he has one which will provide you unlimited health.

Fortnite Season 6 boundless health glitch

The Fortnite Season 6 boundless wellness glitch is surprisingly simple. First, you’ll need to grab some Slurp Mushrooms in the uncontrolled, a create box, or from the garden in Slurpy Swamp (as shown in the video).

You’ll also require a friend that will assist you complete the glitch. All you need to do is hit on a Port-A-Potty to one-shot, eat a Mushroom, leap indoors, and have your spouse break the Port-A-Potty. The timing needs to be perfect, but there are loads of opportunities to pull it off.

This glitch is not game-breaking, always, but it provides you with an unlimited pool of health. Opponents won’t even be able to tell what you’re doing, as they’ll assume that you have some sort of healing item in your inventory.

With this tap, you can completely negate the requirement to carry any healing items with you. All you will need is a few defenses to top-off and you are good to go.

Once this harness is on Epic’s radar, then we anticipate them to eliminate Slurp Mushrooms or even Port-A-Potties while they work on a repair. You might also use it as you can.


A new Fortnite Season 6 harness enables players to max-out their Gold Bars in just a few minutes. Here is how it works.


3 weeks ago


March 18, 2021

Fortnite Season 6 unlimited gold

Fortnite Season 6 reduced the Gold Bar cap, making it much easier to hit. It is especially easy with the use of this boundless Gold exploit.

Fortnite isn’t a stranger to glitches and pops — particularly when fresh seasons arrive. In Fortnite Season 5, Epic disabled Sand Tunneling for most of the year to avoid an exploit that made players undetectable.

This Fortnite Season 6 boundless Gold exploit is a lot tamer than that. In fact, there’s a strong possibility that Epic never patch it from the game. Let’s get into it.

OrangeGuy unlimited Gold exploit

This exploit comes from YouTuber, OrangeGuy, who’s known for posting a few of the most game-breaking Fortnite glitches and pops of all time. This one might be a harness, but it seems more like a fast Gold farming method as you’ll need to continuously join and depart matches.

The approach takes place in Slurpy Swamp, in which you’ll catch quests from Slurp Jonesy. The quests are incredibly simple and will only take you about a moment to finish — given that nobody lands with you personally.

The first quest requires you to destroy two Slurp Barrels for 120 Gold. ) This just takes a few moments to complete, as there are always a few nearby. Then grab the second quest that has you reaching 100 Health and Shields — an effortless job at Slurpy Swamp. This battle grants you 200 Gold Bars.

After that, you may either leave the game or go to another region and continue questing. As you can see in the period of this video, but this method will only take you 1: 34 to earn 220 Gold Bars.

Of course, this method will require you to care more about your Gold Bar reserves than your own stats. Each time you leave a game, it will count as a loss. Your win percent and K/D is going to take a hit, but it is a small price to cover as much Gold as you can carry.


After over a year, Epic Games have finally confirmed that they’re exploring the notorious controller stock bug.


1 month ago


February 22, 2021

Fortnite control players have been complaining about a bothersome stock insect for well over a year. In the end, after weeks of silence, Epic have acknowledged the matter.

Fortnite is just one of the first and only matches to bring cross to competitive play. Controller players on all platforms compete in precisely the same bracket as PC gamers on keyboard and mouse.

You are able to mention the benefits and pitfalls of each inputsignal, but there are a few items that fall outside the normal”balance” conversation. One of these things is a bug that has been impacting control players for well over a year.

Fortnite Mobile Controller Support

Epic respond to longstanding Fortnite controller bug

This controller stock bug was in the game since NICKMERCS was streaming Fortnite daily.

For the entirety of Fortnite’s lifespan, controller players would open their inventory to find their cursor on their first slot. From that point, there was consistency concerning where you wished to transfer your weapons and items or fall materials to get a teammate.

A bug surfaced over a year ago, inducing controller players to get their equipped item be the first thing selected when opening their inventory. What is worse is that occasionally, multiple objects would be chosen and it would freeze the screen, forcing you to back outside and re-enter the inventory.

Naturally, this led to a great deal of frustration over the community. Many Reddit threads popped up showcasing and complaining about the bug, but Epic never seemed to take note.

This was the case before Redditor gh0stly2 tagged the Epic development group at the comments of one of these posts.” We know you guys see this stuff,” he wrote, “and it’s really unacceptable that this has been in the game for a whole year. Get rid of it.”

To his surprise, the group responded, stating,”Thanks for the tag and bringing to our attention. Eyes on it now,” and confirming that they’re tracking the issue.

At the time of writing, the matter still is not posted on the Fortnite Community Issues Trello plank , however the Reddit post is just a day old. We expect to see that the issue addressed in a future patch, as Epic still have to do some exploring.

This change might be coming a bit late, but it’s good to know that Epic are eventually looking into the problem and will likely be working on a repair. For the time being, that’s all we can ask.

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