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TV’s scatter advertisers apply upfront-style approaches heading into the fourth quarter

TV advertisers buying inventory outside the annual upfront marketplace often have to be strategic. A lot of the prized programming is bought out by upfront advertisers, tensing the market for so-called scatter ad buyers that face higher prices in exchange for the flexibility of buying ads closer to their air dates. But with the linear…

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Is YouTube TV’s Price Increasing in 2021? Google Says No

PixieMe/Shutterstock.comYouTube TV has seen its share of price increases since it launched a few years ago, but according to a Google executive, we shouldn’t expect to see our bills go up any time soon—not in the “near term,” at least. What’s Up With YouTube TV’s Pricing Strategy? YouTube TV started as a cord cutter’s dream.…

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TV’s Funniest Moments of the Week: ‘Chad’ and More

Another week of TV means a ton of funny moments on both the scripted and reality shows. During the Tuesday, April 13, episode of Chad, Nasim Pedrad’s character revealed the sword and didn’t exactly get the reaction he was hoping for. A bonus scene: Chad trying to steal the sword from Reid (Thomas Barbusca). New…