Dipping Titanium

Dipping a ball in titanium tetrachloride to make the world’s smokiest ball

This guy bought some titanium tetrachloride which basically turns into white smoke when exposed to air and decided to soak a ball in it to make the world’s smokiest ball. A few weeks ago, I bought some titanium tetrachloride which, I heard is one of the most obnoxious chemicals. When exposed to air, almost immediately,…

dioxide Titanium

Titanium dioxide: EFSA says E171’no longer considered safe’

The update revises EFSA’s previous assessment, published in 2016, which concluded the ingredient could be used in food applications but highlighted the need for more research to fill ‘data gaps’.The contentious ingredient continued to be linked to negative health consequences, including damage to the intestinal flora and – in the form of very small nanoparticles…