mobile Speed

Speed of mobile stroke units lowers risk for lasting brain damage, study says

Every second counts after having a stroke, and rapid-response mobile stroke units can start clot-busting drugs quickly, potentially staving off lasting damage, new research finds. Mobile stroke units are special ambulances equipped with imaging equipment and staffed by experts who can diagnose and treat strokes in the moments before arriving at the hospital. Typically, people…

Speed Windows

How Windows 11 will speed up your slow PC

If your PC feels faster, is it faster? That’s Windows 11’s aim with some smart under-the-hood tweaks. Today’s Best Tech Deals Picked by PCWorld’s Editors Top Deals On Great Products Picked by Techconnect’s Editors Windows 11 sure looks different, but under-the-hood performance improvements may make it feel different, too—specifically in how the operating system handles…

Android Speed

How to Speed Up Your Old Android Phone

Photo: Chikena (Shutterstock)If your Android phone has been slowing to a crawl multiple times a day, you may be thinking it’s time to upgrade. But before you run out and purchase a new one—and assuming you’ve already tried a basic restart—there are a few other steps you can take to reduce or eliminate those annoying…

light Speed

What is the speed of light?

Home References Science & Astronomy The speed of light is a speed limit on everything in our universe. Or is it? (Image credit: Getty/ Yuichiro Chino) Light traveling through a vacuum moves at exactly 299,792,458 meters (983,571,056 feet) per second. That’s about 186,282 miles per second — a universal constant known in equations and in…

Hypercars Speed

Le Mans Hypercars: Top speed, rules & how they differ from LMP1

The Le Mans Hypercars that have arrived in the World Endurance Championship in 2021 are very different to their LMP1 predecessors – in concept, look, cost and speed.LMH and the LMDh sister formula, which will become part of the WEC in 2023, are a brave attempt to reset the agenda in international sportscar racing. On…

Chicago Speed

Chicago speed cameras now ticket drivers going 6 mph over. The new rules resulted in about 300,000 citations and $11 million in fines in the first 2 months.

Thank you for supporting our journalism. This article is available exclusively for our subscribers, who help fund our work at the Chicago Tribune. Across the street from a car wash, next to a fenced-off former lumber yard stands one of Chicago’s most prolific park safety speed cameras. And two blocks west on Lawrence Avenue, on…

aducanumab Speed

Cut Aducanumab Cost, Speed Confirmatory Research, ICER Says

Biogen, the manufacturer of the controversial drug for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) aducanumab (Aduhelm) needs to cut its $56,000 annual cost and speed the pace of research to determine whether the medication actually keeps the disease at bay. These are among the key recommendations of a report released today by the Institute for Clinical and Economic…

Certification Speed

Law aims to speed up job certification of military spouses

GROTON, Conn. (AP) – With military spouses facing a double-digit unemployment even before the pandemic, the state of Connecticut is attempting to make it easier for them and other people relocating from out-of-state to obtain state occupational licenses for professions ranging from nurses to architects. Both state and military officials said Monday, during a ceremonial…

clouds Speed

Clouds May Speed Up Global Warming

One of the most fundamental questions about climate change is also one of the thorniest: How much, exactly, will the Earth warm in response to future greenhouse gas emissions? The answer, scientists say, lies in the sky above our heads. Clouds are the fluffy, unlikely gatekeepers of climate change—they play a critical role in how…

Speed Windows

Speed up Windows 10 for free: Tips for a faster PC

Is your Windows PC too slow? Give your PC a free performance boost. Peshkov/iStock Today’s Best Tech Deals Picked by PCWorld’s Editors Top Deals On Great Products Picked by Techconnect’s Editors Table of Contents Show More It’s a common complaint: My Windows PC is running slow. Annoyingly slow. You can add RAM, or buy a…