portal shooter

Portal shooter Splitgate’s servers problems have been solved for now

Splitgate’s twist on the arena shooter, where players can cast portals around the levels and pull off impossible shots, saw a spike in the free FPS’ popularity when it released into beta on consoles (PC has had it since 2019). It was so popular that it basically killed the game for a few weeks because…

Battlefield portal

Battlefield 2042’s Portal platform is what super-fans like me have been waiting for

Last month, we heard a rumor which claimed that one of Battlefield 2042‘s unrevealed modes was actually a sandbox mode that would let players combine different Battlefield eras. Today at EA Play Live, EA and Ripple Effect – the new name for DICE LA – revealed exactly that. The new mode is called Battlefield Portal,…

portal Reloaded

Portal Reloaded is the game Portal 2 should have been

A couple of months back, I slathered my love for Portal 2 all over bit-tech. I waxed lyrical how it’s possibly the best comedy game ever made, how cleverly it introduces new elements to Portal’s spatial conundrums, and how wonderfully it expands upon Aperture Science as a place. It is as good a sequel as…

portal president’s

IEEE President’s Note: New STEM Portal Offers a Chance to Give Back

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Google's portal

Google’s New AR Toy Is a Portal to the Other Side of the World

GoogleIf you’ve ever wondered what’s on the exact opposite side of the world from you, you’re in good company. And now, with Google’s latest AR toy—dubbed Floom—you can finally see for yourself without having to purchase a spendy plane ticket. There isn’t a formal app to download (at least not yet); instead, Android users (using…