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Why marketers’ picture of seniors is getting old

It’s a lazy stereotype typically played for laughs: a befuddled senior trying to figure out how to turn on an antiquated desktop computer. It turns out, it’s as wrong as it is outdated. “I love YouTube! I’m a YouTube fanatic. I get up in the morning and get on YouTube.” This rousing endorsement didn’t come…

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The Story Arc: A Marketer’s Roadmap to Greater Impact

September 1, 2021 Content Because of its ability to draw readers in, storytelling has become a potent format for B2B writers. Just like everyone else, many businesspeople enjoy consuming information in story form versus other formats. Because they come with a beginning, middle and end, stories propel audiences along a path that’s both easy and…

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‘Marketers have to shift their expectations’: Despite turmoil in parts, Facebook’s ads business holds up against Apple’s privacy crackdown

Long-term gains seldom come without short-term pain as the state of Facebook’s ads business bares out.The social network has been at the sharp end of Apple’s crackdown on in-app tracking since it started three months ago. Media dollars have been paused and reallocated as marketers saw their ability to personalize ads impaired without an abundance…

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How marketers are creating long-term customer relationships by leveraging householding

Humans are social beings, wired for connection. It’s no surprise, then, that the most successful brands foster long-term relationships with their customers. After all, marketing has always been about building an emotional link that creates a long-term alliance, which results in repeat usage and purchase. Neuromarketers point out that consumers are more inclined to buy…

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As NIL era arrives, marketers find an influencer playbook

There’s a new crop of influencers on the horizon for marketers after the NCAA’s recent adoption of a policy allowing college athletes to benefit from their name, image and likeness (NIL).Basically, the long-awaited ruling means college athletes can start making money for their influence. Marketers have been eager to pony up. In the week since…