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Listen: Many Schools Are Buying High-Tech Air Purifiers. What Should Parents Know?

This is a collaboration between KHN and “Science Friday.” Listen to the conversation between KHN senior correspondent Christina Jewett and Science Friday’s host and executive producer, Ira Flatow. As students return to school, parents are getting a lot of mail about what schools are doing to better protect kids in the classroom — including details…

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Listen: Has The Pandemic Made You Forget How To Act In Public?

Listen to Seasoned Sessions on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you find your favourite shows! Hello and welcome to Seasoned Sessions – we’re back from our break and better than ever! To mark our return, we talk about how we’re readjusting to life outside of quarantine. Your favourite podcast Seasoned Sessions is back! 🙌🏿…

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How to Make Your Amazon Echo Listen for Specific Sounds

AmazonAmong its 100,000+ skills, Alexa includes a Sound Detection feature, which allows it to listen for specific sounds and respond with a routine or command. Today, we’ll show you how to set this feature up and put it to work. What Routines Can Alexa’s Sound Detection Feature Follow? Alexa’s Sound Detection feature can fire off…

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Listen to the sounds of China’s Zhurong rover on the surface of Mars

In March, NASA released audio of its Perseverance rover firing lasers on the surface of Mars. Now China has released audio of what it says is its Zhurong rover arriving on the red planet and getting settled in, Space News reports. China has also released pictures of its Mars rover, which is unexpectedly cute as…

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Parents listen to their sons transplanted heart in the chest of the recipient .

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Listen: J. Cole Drops New Single”Interlude”

Published Yesterday Rapper J.Cole is back like he never left with a new single from his upcoming album, The Off-Season.  At midnight on Friday (May 7), the Dreamville artist released “Interlude.” Earlier this week, Cole announced the release of The Off-Season on the 14th anniversary of his popular debut mixtape, The Come Up.  Produced by…

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Listen: A Rookie Doctor Starts Her Career, Forged by the Pandemic

Paloma Marin Nevarez is an emergency medicine resident at Community Regional Medical Center. She’s only been a doctor for 9 months and is still finding her footing on the frontlines of COVID-19. (Heidi de Marco/KHN) On this week’s episode of “America Dissected,” host Dr. Abdul El-Sayed spoke with Dr. Paloma Marin-Nevarez, an emergency medicine resident…