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‘Journalism can only be as good as our newsroom culture’: Vox Media’s new editors-in-chief are redefining the roles

The role of editor-in-chief looks a lot different than what it did 20 years ago — or even two years ago.  For digital-first media companies, the nuances of what it takes to run a successful newsroom, particularly during a pandemic, are more complicated than ever before. For Vox Media, it meant having two new top…

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Slow journalism: Something to add to your summer reading list

Eight and a half years ago, Paul Salopek set out on a long walk: 21,000 miles across four continents. He’s still walking.His aim was to replicate, as far as possible, the migration route that carried early humans from Africa through Asia and to the Americas.The journey took our species perhaps 50,000 years. Salopek, a California-born…

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Journalism Chops And Receptionist Charm Will Get You A Job And Home In West Virginia

Journalism Chops And Receptionist Charm Will Get You A Job And Home In West Virginia A newspaper in Sisterville, W.Va., is looking for a new reporter. The job comes with free lodging in a historic hotel, as long as the candidate is willing to staff the front desk a few times a week. Journalism Chops…

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“Both sides” journalism isn’t even journalism — at this point, it’s Republican propaganda

The first witnesses in the House select committee’s investigation of the Jan. 6 Capitol attack last week were clear about what its goals ought to be. Officer Harry Dunn put it most bluntly: “Get to the bottom of what happened. “If a hit man is hired and he kills somebody, [the] hitman goes to jail.…

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‘Real journalism.’ Inside the battle to save local newspapers.

Brunswick, Ga. There was something about the item on the police blotter that puzzled Larry Hobbs, a former farmhand and store clerk turned local newspaper reporter.A young Black man out for a jog had been shot and killed in a quiet subdivision on a Sunday afternoon. The police went quiet. There were no arrests.“Something didn’t…