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‘Mini psyches’ give insights into mysterious metal-rich near-Earth asteroids

An artist impression of a close flyby of the metal-rich near-Earth asteroid 1986 DA. Astronomers using the NASA Infrared Telescope Facility have confirmed that the asteroid is made of 85% metal. Credit: Addy Graham/University of Arizona Metal-rich near-Earth asteroids, or NEAs, are rare, but their presence provides the intriguing possibility that iron, nickel and cobalt…

Genome insights

Insights from our genome and epigenome will help prevent, diagnose and treat cancer

In 2020, an estimated 10 million people lost their lives to cancer. This devastating disease is underpinned by changes to our DNA — the instruction manual for all our cells. It has been 20 years since scientists first unveiled the sequence of the human genome. This momentous achievement was followed by major technological advances that…

Expert insights

Expert Insights: How to Thrive in a Crowded Partner Marketing Ecosystem

More and more, B2B tech organizations recognize the role partnerships can play in the growth of their business. As a result, the partner ecosystem is becoming increasingly competitive – so partner marketing teams must continuously adapt. For insight into how partner marketing organizations are evolving within this competitive context, Michael Latchford, VP of Strategic Alliances…

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Industry insights from NIZO -value food product: fermented non-meat proteins

René Floris: Where do single cell, microbial proteins fit into the non-animal protein landscape?​​Fred van de Velde: While many alternative proteins are being created from ‘traditional’ and familiar plant sources such as nuts, oats, peas, etc., companies continue to develop novel ways to create proteins from various non-animal sources. Technologies such as precision fermentation open…

Consumer insights

Consumer insights panels make a quasi-comeback in the agency world

If there’s one inviolate truth in media and advertising these days, it’s that a lot of consumer behavior has changed dramatically since the start of the global pandemic. Media agencies, whose job it is to be on top of consumer habits and behaviors in order to guide their clients to the best activations and executions possible,…

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Insights into how a stroke affects reading could help with rehabilitation

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Georgetown University researchers, looking at the ability of people to sound out words after a stroke, found that knowing which region of the brain was impacted by the stroke could have important implications for helping target rehabilitation efforts. The finding appeared August 30, 2021, in Brain Communications. “One in five stroke…

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3 Surprising Insights About Success and Happiness

Sometimes, findings from the research on well-being seem a bit obvious: Gratitude will make you happier; mindfulness reduces your stress; and it feels good to be kind. But the findings of other studies are much more counterintuitive. This kind of research challenges how we think the world works. If we’re open to it, it can…

Flowering insights

New insights on flowering could boost cassava crops

A manioc tuber. Manihot esculenta, also called yuca or casava. Credit: Wikipedia. Two new publications examining cassava flowering reveal insights into the genetic and environmental factors underpinning one of the world’s most critical food security crops. A tropical root crop that is a daily staple food to hundreds of millions of people in Africa and…

immune insights

New insights into immune responses to malaria

Advanced technologies have been used to solve a long-standing mystery about why some people develop serious illness when they are infected with the malaria parasite, while others carry the infection asymptomatically. An international team used mass cytometry – an in-depth way of characterising individual cells – and machine learning to discover ‘immune signatures’ associated with…

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Industry insights from NIZO: Using fermentation to build flavour, health benefits, and shelf-life into dairy and plant-based foods

In previous articles, we have touched briefly on the benefits of fermentation for food safety​, health benefits​ and the protein transition​. Its key role in the dairy sector is undeniable, while its importance for developing plant-based products has quickly grown. However, selecting cultures, blending strains, and controlling the fermentation process is far from simple. To…