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Wyze Almost Died in 2020, Here’s How It Survived

News @canterrain Sep 15, 2021, 12:30 pm EDT | 2 min read WyzeIn the last year, Wyze significantly changed by pivoting from smart home products like cameras and plugs to simpler items like vacuums and night lights. Now it’s clear why some of that shift had to happen. For the last year, Wyze was in…

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Here’s Why Robert Downey Jr. Isn’t Voicing Tony Stark in What If…?

Every new episode of What If…? is a surprise. And that’s not just talking about the plot. Notable MCU actors have been missing from the animated series, including Dave Bautista, Scarlett Johansson, Brie Larson, Tom Holland, Chris Pratt, and Chris Evans. On the other hand, there’s also been a few pleasant appearances from smaller characters,…

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Here’s What Every Travis Barker Tattoo Means

If for some reason you haven’t kept up with Blink-182, its excellent drummer Travis Barker, or ever seen the “What’s My Age Again?” video, just know that Barker is very into tattoos. And not just in the way many people are into getting ink here and there: The 45-year-old’s tattoos (covering approximately 70 percent of…

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Here’s Every Survivor Filming Location, Starting From Season 1

Some things about Survivor never change, like host Jeff Probst’s constant stream of sick burns during Immunity Challenges. Other things vary from season to season, including the location where the hit CBS reality show is filmed. For a show about roughing it on a tropical island (and trying not to get voted out by your…

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Here’s How Much Food Contributes to Climate Change

Animal-based foods produce about twice the emissions of plant-based ones, a new comprehensive study finds Credit: Amanda Montañez; Source: “Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Animal-Based Foods Are Twice Those of Plant-Based Foods,” by Xiaoming Xu et al., in Nature Food. Published online September 13, 2021 As with most things related to people, the food we…

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Deathloop: Here’s What Comes in Each Edition

By Chris ReedUpdated: 13 Sep 2021 12:38 pmPosted: 13 Sep 2021 12:18 pmDeathloop is set to release for PS5 and PC on September 14 (see it on Amazon, or Amazon UK). It will be available in a standard edition, as well as a deluxe edition that comes with a few digital extras. You’ll find full details…

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Here’s How Dan Came Back in the Season 6 of Lucifer

It’s time to say goodbye to Lucifer. The series has been revived twice now. First Netflix saved the series after FOX canceled it three seasons in. Then, Netflix revived it again, adding one final season after the fifth. On September 10, the sixth and truly final season was released, so this time is really the…

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Here’s what Alan Wake Remastered looks like in 4K on the PlayStation 5

What just happened? Remedy Entertainment earlier this week announced it would be releasing a remastered version of Alan Wake later this fall. Now, we’ve got our first look at what the enhanced game looks like on the PlayStation 5. Sam Lake, creative director at Remedy Entertainment, shared additional details on the upcoming game in a…

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Here’s when Marvel’s ‘Eternals’ takes place in the MCU timeline

Spider-Man: No Way Home might be the most talked-about Marvel movie right now, but there’s another MCU movie coming out this year that deserves at least a similar amount of buzz. That’s Eternals, which should hit theaters on November 5th, assuming Marvel sticks with the current release plans. The final trailer for the highly ambitious…

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Here’s How to Watch Impeachment: American Crime Story

Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk are having a busy year. So far, they’ve premiered American Horror Stories, a new anthology series based on FX’s American Horror Story. Plus, there’s a new tenth season of their flagship American Horror Story (officially titled Double Feature this season, presumably splitting the season into two parts) currently airing on…