embattled Facebook’s

Facebook’s troubled cryptocurrency project will likely end

More than two years after it was first announced, the Facebook-sponsored cryptocurrency formerly known as Libra appears to be coming to an end. The Diem Association set up by Facebook to manage the digital token is exploring a sale of its assets after meeting resistance by regulators who opposed the initiative, according to a new…

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How to enable Facebook’s dark mode on iPhone

nikkimeel/Shutterstock.comFacebook’s dark mode on iPhone turns your entire social media experience dark, giving profiles, pages, newsfeeds, and everything else a sleek, mysterious appearance. Here’s how to enable (and disable) dark mode. RELATED: How to Enable Dark Mode on Facebook Desktop Activate Dark Mode in Facebook on iPhone To turn on Facebook’s dark mode on your…

Facebook’s Video

Facebook’s video speed-dating service is shutting down January 20th

Facebook’s New Product Experimentation (NPE) team is often quick to abandon apps that don’t find traction, and a video speed-dating service it has tested over the last nine months is next for the chopping block. The company told Sparked users the experiment will shut down on January 20th. “We started building Sparked in late 2020…

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Facebook’s Working on a Universal Translation Engine that Can Understand 128 Different Languages

You know those futuristic translator devices that they have in sci-fi movies, which enables characters from entirely different universes to converse, in real time, without the need for any prior knowledge of the local tongue? That could soon be a reality, with Facebook’s AI research team today unveiling their latest work on an improved language…

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Facebook’s Name Change Goes Meta

From Wall Street to Main Street to Capitol Hill, everyone is mad at Facebook. The company has been under fire since a trove of leaked internal documents shed light on its struggles to prevent real-world harm, from political unrest to teen suicides. Everyone has something to say about Facebook, and almost none of it is…

Facebook’s Zuckerberg

Facebook’s Zuckerberg lays out ‘metaverse’ vision at developers event

Facebook Inc CEO Mark Zuckerberg said privacy and safety need to be built into the metaverse, as he opened the company’s annual conference on virtual and augmented reality on Thursday.Facebook continues to battle criticism over its market power, its content moderation practices and harms linked to its social media platforms. The tech giant, which reports…

Facebook’s Misinformation

Facebook’s misinformation and violence problems are worse in India

Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen’s leaks suggest its problems with extremism are particularly dire in some areas. Documents Haugen provided to the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and other outlets suggest Facebook is aware it fostered severe misinformation and violence in India. The social network apparently didn’t have nearly enough resources to deal with the…

Chang'e Facebook’s

Facebook’s Name Change Won’t Fix Anything

When Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook, in 2004, it was a mere directory of students at Harvard: The Face Book. Two decades, 90 acquisitions, and billions of dollars later, Facebook has become a household name. Now it wants a new one.Zuckerberg is expected to announce a new name for the company next week at Facebook Connect,…

Facebook’s Teachable

Facebook’s Teachable Moment

Six hours. That’s roughly how long the Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp outage lasted on Oct. 4 (and Oct. 5, depending on your time zone), creating widespread confusion and frustration across the globe. The social media giant released a statement — later followed by a detailed explanation — about the root cause, chalking it up to…

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Facebook’s latest effort to curtail leaks immediately leaked

Facebook is ramping up its fight against leakers following the disclosures of whistleblower Frances Haugen. According to The New York Times, Facebook is limiting access to some internal groups that deal with “sensitive” issues like safety and elections. That the change, which was made to prevent further leaks, immediately leaked is both highly amusing and…