Facebook Stossel

John Stossel sues Facebook for allegedly defaming him with fact-check

This era of social media is bringing about a new genre of libel litigation — one where an individual says something, then is corrected, and then goes to court with bruised reputation. The latest complaint comes from John Stossel, the veteran TV journalist who on Wednesday sued Facebook in California federal court over what was…

Facebook shares

Facebook Shares Insight into Content that it Looks to Limit in News Feeds

As Facebook battles a new PR crisis in the wake of the recent Facebook Files investigative report series, the company is also seeking to provide more transparency into its processes, and oversight as to how its systems decide what people see in their News Feed every day. Earlier this year, Facebook published a new explainer…

Facebook Rundown

The Rundown: Facebook recommends spending your way through its measurement problems

September 23, 2021 by Max Willens Take comfort, beleaguered advertiser: Facebook has heard your concerns about its advertising measurement challenges.  It advises you to keep spending money on Facebook and to scrutinize the performance of that investment less frequently.   The social platform yesterday took the unusual step of publishing a blog post acknowledging the challenges…

Facebook Names

Facebook names a new CTO with a major focus on hardware

Facebook is serious about being a long-term player in hardware. On Wednesday, the company promoted Andrew Bosworth, the current head of its hardware division that makes Oculus and other consumer devices, to the role of chief technology officer, replacing outgoing CTO Mike Schroepfer when he becomes a senior fellow next year. In his new role,…

Facebook Researchers

Researchers say Facebook is interfering with their tools to study News Feed

Facebook quietly pushed out changes to News Feed that’s “interfering” with the browser-based tools used by journalists and researchers, according to The Markup, the nonprofit news organization behind Citizen Browser. According to the report, Facebook has been adding “junk code to HTML features meant to improve accessibility for visually impaired users.” The resulting code prevents…

Facebook invested

Facebook says it has invested $13 billion on safety and security over the past five years

In brief: Facebook for years has faced intense criticism about the way it moderates content on its social platforms. After a series of reports earlier this month about worrying internal research results that Facebook allegedly ignored for years, the company is trying to protect its image by providing some missing context. Earlier this month, a…

Facebook forced

Facebook forced troll farm content on over 40% of all Americans each month

All about engagement — Report blames Facebook’s prioritization of engagement over all else. Tim De Chant – Sep 17, 2021 5:17 pm UTC In the wake of the 2016 election, Facebook knew it had a problem. Pages and fake accounts created by the Kremlin-backed Internet Research Agency had spread through the social network and drawn…

climate Facebook

Facebook Announces New Initiatives to Raise Awareness of Climate Change, and Tackle Climate Misinformation

Amid the ongoing disruption of COVID-19, the focus on addressing climate change has seemingly taken a back seat, though scientists have warned that the threat of climate disruption has not reduced, and has in fact, intensified over the last year and a half, ramping up the need for immediate and significant action. This week, Facebook…

Facebook integrates

Facebook Integrates Vimeo Create into Business Suite to Facilitate Video Creation

An article from Facebook is looking to help more SMBs get into video marketing with the integration of Vimeo’s video creation platform ‘Vimeo Create’ into Facebook Business Suite. As you can see in the video clip, Vimeo Create enables simplified video creation and editing, and includes a range of social media templates and tools to…

Facebook Login

Facebook Adds Login Connect via Messenger to Provide More Direct Connection Options

An article from It’s been testing it over the past couple of months, and today, Facebook has made its new Login Connect with Messenger available to all businesses. As you can see in this sequence, with this new update, businesses will now also be able to add a Messenger connection opt-in as part of their…