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New experiment hints that a particle breaks the known laws of physics

ScienceNewsA heavier sibling of an electron, known as a muon, is challenging the “Standard Model” of all the particles in the universe.ByMichael GreshkoPublished April 7, 2021• 10 min readIn a landmark experiment, scientists have found fresh evidence that a subatomic particle is disobeying one of science’s most watertight theories, the Standard Model of particle physics.…

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AL MVP or end of the two-way experiment? Debating Shohei Ohtani’s 2021 potential

7:15 AM ETMLB InsidersESPN We’ve all seen flashes of what Shohei Ohtani can do, both at the plate and on the mound. After lightning up spring training with his bat and entering the 2021 MLB season healthy and ready to pitch, is this the year he finally puts it all together to become the two-way…

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Stockton experiment reveals ensured income works, analysis states

A $500-per-month stipend helped recipients secure full-time jobs, be better parents and partners, and improve their health.