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Thom Brennaman Claims Fans Want Him Back Despite Anti-Gay Slur

Former Cincinnati Reds TV announcer Thom Brennaman claims that the fans he runs into want him to get his job back despite his anti-gay slur controversy from last year. Brennaman resigned from his position with the Reds last September after he was suspended for uttering the “f” word during a live broadcast the previous month.…

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Dan Hooker claims that Tony Ferguson has gone rogue: “No one from the UFC can get a hold of him”

UFC lightweight contender Dan Hooker claims that Tony Ferguson has gone rogue, suggesting that “No one from the UFC can get a hold of him.” Hooker is set to return to the Octagon later this month when he faces off against rising contender Nasrat Haqparast at UFC 266. How Hooker landed on Haqparast as his…

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Leaks claims this will be the first MCU movie where the Avengers and X-Men meet

Spider-Man: No Way Home might be the most anticipated MCU movie of 2021, but it’s hardly the most exciting in the MCU Phase 4. This year alone we’re getting a brand new team of superheroes with Eternals, one of the most ambitious MCU projects ever made. Next year, we’ll delve right into madness with the…

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Hacker claims responsibility for T-Mobile breach in WSJ interview, says carrier has ‘awful’ security

In brief: The hacker purportedly responsible for the recent T-Mobile data breach has told The Wall Street Journal that he used a simple tool available to the public to scan T-Mobile’s known Internet addresses, leading to an unprotected router that served as an entry point into a data center containing more than 100 servers. The…

claims hacker

Hacker claims responsibility for T-Mobile attack, bashes the carrier’s security

A person claiming to be behind the T-Mobile data breach that exposed almost 50 million people’s info has come forward to reveal his identity and to criticize T-Mobile’s security, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal. John Binns told the WSJ that he was behind the attack and provided evidence that he could…

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Fabio Claims Murdered Designer Gianni Versace Owed Him “Big Time” Money

Naomi Campbell Shares Pic of Baby Girl to Honor Gianni VersaceSome people think it’s poor form to speak ill of the dead. Fabio isn’t one of them. The Italian model recently spoke to the People in the ’90s podcast about his modeling career, recalling how he landed one of the biggest ad campaigns of the time. “The…

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Viral Claims at Mt. Vernon School Board Meeting Debunked

ZDoggMD discusses and debunks controversial statements made by Dan Stock, MD, to Indiana’s Mt. Vernon School Board that went viral. Following is a rough transcript (note that errors are possible). ZDoggMD: All right guys, I’m making a video I just don’t even wanna make, but so many people have sent me this video about this…

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Amazon will pay claims up to $1,000 for defective items sold on its site

Amazon will cut out the middleman when it comes to paying customers who suffer personal injury or property damage due to a defective product purchased on its digital store. Starting September 1st, Amazon will directly pay customers for claims under $1,000 at no cost to the seller of the product. Amazon says that claims of…

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Apple claims the Epic Games Store won’t see any profits ‘until 2027, if ever’

In context: It’s no secret that the Epic Games Store has been operating at a loss since opening. Apple has leveraged this fact in court, suggesting that the EGS may never see profitability. It claims the store is nothing like the App Store and is unsustainable. Meanwhile, Epic continues to dump resources into its marketplace,…

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Leak claims Marvel’s ‘What If…?’ will bring a key character to the MCU

With Loki having unleashed the multiverse in the MCU, the most exciting upcoming show has to be What If…?. It’s not just because it’s the next Disney+ show after Loki. What If…? is a multiverse story; that much was clear after the Loki finale. And Marvel creators who worked on the animated series about to…