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Build Your Own Sonic Statue With This Official Advent Calendar

24 pieces to open and build by Ryan Craddock 4 hours agoChocolate? Or pieces of Sonic’s body? The age-old dilemma returns yet again this Christmas as customers are forced to choose between the two things that make the holidays such a special time. Or we guess you could just get both. Yes, thanks to an…

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Build Your Own PC With These Epic Amazon Deals

News @andrew_andrew__ Oct 12, 2021, 11:17 am EDT | 1 min read Intel, AMDNeed to build a new desktop PC? Amazon is slashing prices on PC components during today’s Epic Daily Deals sale. Now’s your chance to save big on 10th gen Intel Core processors, gaming motherboards, Cooler Master cases, ARGB CPU coolers, and every…

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How to Build a Strong and Effective Data Retention Policy

An enterprise data management strategy isn’t complete unless it includes an effective data retention policy. A data retention policy (DRP) is simple, yet often disarmingly so. In essence, a DRP is a system of rules for holding, storing, and deleting the information an organization generates and handles. What is far from simple is building a…

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NEC to Build a Transatlantic Cable

The first transoceanic cable to achieve 1/2 Petabit per second capacity, and also the first to employ 24 fiber pairs TOKYO, Oct 11, 2021 – (JCN Newswire) – NEC Corporation (TSE: 6701) today announced that it has been contracted by Facebook to build an ultra-high performance transatlantic subsea fiber-optic cable connecting the USA and Europe.Until…

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18 Exercises To Build Boulder Shoulders

antondotsenkoGetty Images Your shoulders are an important part of your anatomy. We say that we “shoulder” heavy burdens and insist that a long-held grudge or negative feeling is a chip on our shoulder—but these metaphorical flourishes are next to nothing compared to the status of the muscle group to your strength training routine. There are…

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How to Build a Society for All to Enjoy

Structuresstructure (noun): the arrangement of or relation between the parts of something complex; the organization of interrelated elements.1.My partner trained as an architect, and now he is cursed. His curse is not just working like an architect works, with grueling hours and implacable clients, although that’s true. His curse is seeing like an architect sees.…

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4 Exercises to Build Speed Like DK Metcalf

This past spring, Seattle Seahawks receiver DK Metcalf, 23, decided to test his speed against world-class sprinters in an international track meet. But while he’s one of football’s best deep threats, his 100-meter results weren’t impressive: He finished in ninth place in his heat (10.37 seconds). Game speed doesn’t translate into sprint competition, says Metcalf’s…

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To build trust, Racine police moved into the neighborhood

In the 1990s, Racine had the highest crime rate in Wisconsin and one of the state’s most exhausted police forces. Tough-on-crime policies weren’t working – the city couldn’t arrest its way out of the problem.  Why We Wrote This At a time of hostile debate around policing in America, building trust is both risky and vital.…

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How to Build Explosiveness Like NFL Star Travis Kelce

Our product picks are editor-tested, expert-approved. We may earn a commission through links on our site. HIS RIGHT OUTER hip wasn’t firing. And Travis Kelce wasn’t having it.It was a hot June morning in KansasCity, and the Chiefs’ tight end was mid-way through a workout. Minutes earlier, Kelce had dashed five yards upfield, planted his…

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Ryder to build logistics network with autonomous trucking company Embark

Supply chain and fleet management solutions company Ryder is partnering with yet another autonomous trucking company. On Thursday, Ryder announced its plans to help Embark launch a nationwide network of up to 100 transfer points that will be owned and operated by the autonomous trucking developer.  This is Ryder’s third public partnership with autonomous trucking…