Battlefield joins

Battlefield 2042 joins recent game-delay frenzy, moves to November

Still 2021 at least — Fans left wondering whether all announced modes will land on launch day. Steve Haske – Sep 16, 2021 9:59 pm UTC Enlarge / This looks fun.Battlefield 2042 has been delayed from its initial October 22 release date, though it will still launch this year, EA announced today. The multiplayer-only shooter…

Battlefield Hazard

Battlefield 2042’s Hazard Zone mode might be inspired by Escape from Tarkov

A new GamesBeat event is around the corner! Learn more about what comes next.  Battlefield 2042 is launching soon. But publisher Electronic Arts and developer DICE still have a few things left to tell fans about the game before its October 22 release. For one, a beta test is coming September 22, according to sources…

Battlefield warns

EA warns Battlefield 2042 playtesters who break NDA they may be banned from final game

As more gameplay leaks online. EA has issued a start warning to those playing the Battlefield 2042 technical playtest this weekend: break NDA and face a potential ban from the final game.Battlefield 2042’s closed playtest kicked off on Thursday with PC, and has now brought Xbox into the fold (the planned PlayStation test was cancelled at…

Battlefield Playtesters

Battlefield 2042 Playtesters Who Break NDA May Be Banned From Playing The Full Game

Image: EAThere is currently a technical preview being held for the upcoming EA shooter Battlefield 2042. To be a part of this preview, players had to sign an NDA stating they won’t share any details or videos of the test. But as you might expect, some folks aren’t taking the NDA seriously. EA says this…

Battlefield shares

EA shares Battlefield 2042 PC minimum and recommended specs

If you are a fan of the EA/DICE Battlefield franchise, there has been quite a bit of news about the upcoming Battlefield 2042 in recent days / hours. As well as the headlining PC minimum and recommended specifications reveal, we hear that six technical playtest sessions have been scheduled between 12th and 15th August, and…

Battlefield Story

Battlefield 2042 might not have a story campaign but it’s getting a short film

And it’s debuting next week. If it’s story you want with your Battlefield 2042 now that Dice has confirmed there won’t be a single-player campaign this time around, your next best thing might very well be arriving in the form of an official short film tie-in set to debut next week.Dice announced the existence of its…

Battlefield flying

Even Flying to the Battlefield Is About to Become Dangerous in PUBG

Dropping into the battlefield in PUBG is about to become even more perilous, as the game adds an emergency landing feature to its latest update. The patch notes for update 13.1 are live and, amongst a plethora of other features, PUBG has added an engine failure scenario to the game’s starting plane. Named appropriately, the…

Battlefield portal

Battlefield 2042’s Portal platform is what super-fans like me have been waiting for

Last month, we heard a rumor which claimed that one of Battlefield 2042‘s unrevealed modes was actually a sandbox mode that would let players combine different Battlefield eras. Today at EA Play Live, EA and Ripple Effect – the new name for DICE LA – revealed exactly that. The new mode is called Battlefield Portal,…

Battlefield Multiplayer

Battlefield 2042 will use bots to help fill up some multiplayer matches

Make some robot friendsThe next Battlefield will boast some pretty big battles, and that means corralling a lot of players together. But in the situations where that’s not exactly possible, it looks like EA has some other measures it can employ, like bots.Electronic Arts recently confirmed to The Verge that Battlefield 2042‘s “All-Out Warfare” modes, which can fit…

Battlefield Everything

Everything we know about Battlefield 2042

EA DICE has finally launched the reveal trailer for the next Battlefield installment, now officially called Battlefield 2042. In it, we see a near-futuristic setting plagued by massive surges in climate and catastrophic weather. Soldiers fight for survival on what EA DICE is calling the most expansive maps in Battlefield history. The biggest news is…