Corporate Gaetz

Matt Gaetz Rips Corporate Wokeism, Big Government, Big Tech in CPAC Speech

Rep. Matt Gaetz — a self-proclaimed “Florida Man” and one of the most vocal supporters of former President Donald Trump and the America First doctrine — ripped the political and foreign policy establishment in a rousing speech Friday evening at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando.

Globes Golden

AP: Golden Globes, Drained of Glamour, Kicks Off Amid Race Controversy

NEW YORK (AP) — When drained of glamour, what’s left of the Golden Globes? A pair of extensive reports by The Los Angeles Times and The New York Times in the week leading up to the awards renewed scrutiny on the press association and its 87 voting members.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump Hammers First Month of Joe Biden Presidency

The former president also attacked Biden for trying to undo his agenda on foreign policy and domestic politics, revisiting some of the themes from the 2020 presidential campaign.

After Melts

The Left Melts Down After Trump Blasts Biden’s War on Women’s Sports

Former President Trump blasted the Democrat Party on Sunday for endangering women’s sports by allowing transgender athletes to compete against biological women. Trump emphasized that “we must the integrity of women’s sports”: Donald Trump: “What coach wants to recruit a

Donald Trump

Donald Trump Slams Democrats’ Transgender Attack on Women’s Sports

Former President Donald Trump sharply criticized the Democrats’ unified push to get men into women’s sports during his speech at the CPAC conference in Florida. 

Israel Syria

Syria says Israel attacked areas around southern Damascus

Israel targets Iran-backed strongholds in second attack in less than a month on outskirts of Syrian capital.

Trump won't

Trump says he won’t form new party, vows to unite Republicans

Former US president speaks at conservative conference dominated by his supporters amid Republican Party in-fighting.

rules Talks

Iran rules out talks with US, EU to discuss nuclear deal revival

Iranian foreign ministry spokesman says time not right for talks given ‘recent actions’ of the US, European countries.

condemns world

World condemns Myanmar crackdown as 18 peaceful protesters killed

Security forces open fire, use tear gas and make mass arrests as they seek to disperse anti-coup demonstrators.

governor independent

NY governor asks for independent probe into harassment claims

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is facing calls to resign after two former aides accused him of sexual harassment.