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Antibiotics can cause fungal infection due to disruption of the gut’s immune systems

Patients prescribed antibiotics in hospital are more likely to get fungal infections because of disruption to the immune system in the gut, according to a new study from the University of Birmingham and National Institutes of Health. Using immune-boosting drugs alongside the antibiotics could reduce the health risks from these complex infections say the researchers.…

. According to a new study by the University of Birmingham, National Institutes of Health, patients who are given antibiotics in hospital are more susceptible to getting fungal infections.

Researchers believe that immune-boosting drugs in combination with antibiotics can reduce the risk of these complicated infections.

The life-threatening fungal infection, invasive candidiasis, is a serious complication in hospitalized patients who receive antibiotics to prevent sepsis or other bacterial infections spread quickly around hospitals (such C. diff). Although fungal infections can be more challenging than bacterial ones, the causes are still not fully understood.

A University team, working with researchers from the National Institutes of Health and the Institute of Immunology and Immunotherapy discovered that antibiotics can disrupt the immune system of the intestines. This means that fungal infections are difficult to control. The team discovered that fungal infections can also spread to other areas, increasing the risk of developing bacterial infections.

The study published in Cell host and Microbe demonstrates the potential of immune-boosting drugs. However, the researchers claim that their research also shows how antibiotics may have other effects on our bodies, which can affect how we fight disease and infection. This highlights the need to be careful with antibiotics.

Dr. Rebecca Drummond,

Lead author said that although we knew antibiotics made fungal infections worse but that bacteria co-infections could also form through interactions in the stomach was a surprise. These factors can add up to a complicated clinical situation — and by understanding these underlying causes, doctors will be better a

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