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A dead Marvel superhero might return in a new movie

Eternals is streaming on Disney Plus, which means you can finally watch the film from the comfort of your home. Whether or not you saw it in theaters, the advantage of streaming is that you can pause and rewind the film to catch all the details that you might have missed the first time around.…

Eternals is streaming on Disney Plus, which means you can finally watch the film from the comfort of your home. You can pause the film and rewind it to catch up on any details you missed. Although the Eternals plot is still in need of many fixes, it is still a must-see film. Eternals will be the type of Phase 4 movie will impact the MCU in different ways moving forward, considering the big development that we just witnessed. It’s clear that we will see the Eternals elsewhere in the future. This could include some dead Eternals that might return in future Marvel movies or series.

There is a new rumor that one of them may return sooner than expected. We’ll tell you big spoilers below . before we explain how it is possible.

Why the Eternals deaths don’t matter

We have already discussed all the Eternals death and why they don’t really matter .

Out of the 10 superheroes we get to meet in the movie, we lose four of them during the course of the film. Three of them are killed. Sprite (Lia McHugh), survives the battle and chooses to be a human. She will no longer have her powers and will live a normal human life. However, she isn’t done with her Eternals life.

Ajak is Salma Hayek’s character. Don Lee plays Gilgamesh and Richard Madden plays Ikaris. Their sacrifices are not meaningless. We are not yet in love with these characters. These deaths aren’t like those of Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), and Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) in Endgame ..

More important, the Eternals don’t exist. They survived the snap in Infinity War .. They can die, but they can’t die that easily.

Eternals Final Trailer
Arishem, a Celestial in Eternals. Image source: Marvel Studios

Marvel can resurrect anyone

Eternals is basically an advanced android that’s built to last. Arishem designed them to last for millions of generations. The movie showed that the Celestial had many copies of each Eternal. He also keeps all their memories.

The Eternals are wiped clean after each emergence. It’s similar to how you reset an iPhone to factory settings. The iPhone can be restored to its previous memory backup. Eternals is the same.

This is to say that Arishem has the ability to create another team of identical Eternals, if he so chooses. He can simply implant the original program into new bodies and send them off to another planet.

Marvel doesn’t even require the multiverse to bring back these characters or give us different versions. Multiverse angles can be added to create different Eternals that inhabit a different reality.

There’s another way that the Eternals of the dead “return to life”. Prequels are stories that tell specific stories about the time before Tiamut’s emergence. They’ve been living on Earth for 7,000 years, so there are plenty of other stories to tell.

It is certain that the scene after credits, where we meet Eros (Harry Styles), teases more Eternals stories. We might even get Thanos (Josh Brolin) back.

Eternals Final Trailer
Ajak (Salma Hayek) and Ikaris (Richard Madden) in Eternals. Image source: Marvel Studios

The dead Eternal who might return soon

Before any of this, we have a leak that focuses only on one Eternal, Ikaris.

Some fans thought Richard Madden was the Eternal leader superhero. However, the plot twist that he makes turns evil might have disappointed some. Arishem can help Ikaris come back to life. Marvel might use Ikaris next who may not have any memory of Earth’s events.

It’s unlikely that he survived the sun. We hope Marvel doesn’t do so cheaply.

The first evidence that Ikaris might return comes from TikTok, per The Cosmic Circle. Emmy Kennard uploaded a video to the platform of her brother Joe. He happens to have been the stunt

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