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6 iPhone settings that you need to change immediately

While setting up a brand new iPhone used to be a straightforward affair, the process is a bit more involved these days. Whether it’s setting up Siri, restoring data from a backup, or enabling automatic updates, the number of steps in the setup process seems to increase every few years. In light of that, sometimes…

While setting up an iPhone is no longer a difficult task, it’s now a little more complicated. The number of steps involved in setting up an iPhone is increasing every year, whether it’s to set up Siri, restore data from a backup or enable automatic updates. It can be difficult to adjust additional settings after your iPhone is set up. However, it is still important.

With the holiday season now over, millions have undoubtedly bought new iPhones in the last few weeks. These are the settings that you should adjust as you use your new iPhone.

Keep scammers away with this iPhone setting

Robocalls and scam calls are almost impossible to avoid these days. While it can be difficult to stop these calls coming in, there are things you can do. iOS has an option that allows users to silence unknown calls. Although these callers may leave voicemails, they won’t cause your phone to ring. It’s a compromise that can be made to solve a frustrating problem.

To do this, go to Settings > Phone > Silence unknown callers. You can toggle the button to the on position, and then you’re good.

Turn On Dark Mode, If That’s Your Thing

Dark mode was one of those iOS rumors that lasted for years before it became a reality. Even though I have used Dark Mode many times, I don’t know what the hype was. It’s nice when it works, but I don’t think it’s an amazing feature Apple should have released sooner. I understand that not everyone agrees with me and love the Dark Mode aesthetic. You can activate Dark Mode by going into Settings > Display and Brightness, then selecting the “Dark Option ” option.

Move Safari’s address bar to its correctful location

Apple teamed up with iOS 15 to make the controversial move of moving the address bars to the bottom. There is an alternative solution if you don’t like change or find the design decision to be questionable. Apple was able to respond to users’ feedback by adding a way to move the address bars back to the top browser window.

To do this, visit Settings. Next, choose Safari. Scroll down to the Tabs heading. Next, select Single Tab instead of the default Tab Bar option.

Turn to Find my iPhone

Because phones have sensitive financial and personal information, losing or stealing an iPhone can prove to be a nightmare. Thankfully, Apple has some built-in tools designed to make retrieving a missing device much easier, with Find my i

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