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15 Photos that Will Make Your Eyes itch Twice

There are some days when we need an extra cup of coffee and a good nap. But, when you look at these 15 photos, and they make you stare and blink in confusion, don’t blame it on lack of sleep. Even the most hawk-eyed and energized people will rack their brains trying to solve these visual riddles.Bright Side found photos that will be a mini-workout for your eyes.1.…

There are days when you need to take a nap and have a cup of coffee. These 15 photos will make you blink and stare in dismay. These visual puzzles will make even the most energetic and sharp-eyed people twitchy.

Bright Side found photos that will be a mini-workout for your eyes.

1. “Guy with an extra pair of legs”

2. “A polar bear’s face”

3. “Sausage fingers”

4. “Seeing tree”

5. “Bean looks like she’s walking, but she’s lying down.”

6. “Where’s the acorn?”

7. “Today, I was surprised by a whale floating on one side of my kitchen sink.”

8. “This scanner looks like XLR8 from Ben 10.”

9. “Lady of the corn”

10. “A band-aid at the bottom of my drink”


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